3711 curry juice Recipes

  • Curried Salmon with Summer Fruit Chutney
    curry paste, fresh lime juice, salmon fillets and
    8 More
    curry paste, fresh lime juice, salmon fillets, nectarines, pitted and diced, plums, pitted and diced, blueberries, minced red onion, cayenne pepper, chopped fresh cilantro, fresh lime juice, salt and ground black pepper to taste
    45 min, 11 ingredients
  • Curry Crab Appetizers
    curry powder, crabmeat, chopped onion and
    3 More
    curry powder, crabmeat, chopped onion, chopped green pepper, mayonnaise, fresh lemon juice
    15 min, 6 ingredients
  • Curried Chickpeas and Veggies
    olive oil, garlic cloves and
    10 More
    olive oil, garlic cloves, curry powder (the amount depends on your preference and propensity for curry, the heat of your ), dried basil, paprika, soy sauce, ground pepper, salt, lime juice, chickpeas (1 can), frozen mixed vegetables, diced (choose your favorite! you can use broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, corn, peas, carrots, you name it! ), yogurt (plain or vanilla, both work! the vanilla adds that creamy sort of flavour that you would get if addi)
    20 min, 12 ingredients
  • Curried Hummus
    low-sodium chickpeas, drained (garbanzo beans) and
    12 More
    low-sodium chickpeas, drained (garbanzo beans), lemon juice (half of a lemon), reduced-fat peanut butter, garlic clove, fresh parsley leaves, fresh cilantro leaves, extra virgin olive oil, salt, curry powder (add more if you like added heat), paprika, cracked pepper, red curry paste, toasted sesame seeds
    15 min, 13 ingredients
  • Curry-Spiced Shrimp
    shrimp, madras curry powder or other curry powder and
    10 More
    shrimp, madras curry powder or other curry powder, red curry paste, light brown sugar, kosher salt, oil, divided, garlic cloves, minced, green onions, minced, unsalted butter, fresh lemon juice, chopped fresh cilantro leaves, cilantro-yogurt chutney
    29 min, 12 ingredients
  • Curried Butternut Squash Soup
    butternut squash, peeled and diced, brown sugar, honey and
    18 More
    butternut squash, peeled and diced, brown sugar, honey, butter, ripe banana, unpeeled, onion, chopped, carrot, peeled and chopped, stalk celery, chopped, garlic clove, chopped, curry powder or 1 tsp green curry paste, ground coriander, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, coconut milk, vegetable stock or 2 cups chicken stock, salt , to taste, fresh ground black pepper , to taste, fresh cilantro leaves (optional), lime , juice of, truffle oil (optional), pumpkin seeds (optional)
    50 min, 21 ingredients
  • Curry Chicken
    vegetable oil and
    15 More
    vegetable oil, boneless chicken breasts, cut into 1 1/2-inch pieces and patted dry, onion, minced, garlic cloves, minced, curry powder, ground coriander, ground cumin, ground ginger, cayenne pepper, flour, canned whole tomatoes , chopped including the liquid, chicken broth, golden raisin, lemon, juiced and it s grated zest, granny smith apple, peeled, cored, and cubed, cooked long-grain rice , to serve curry with
    2 hour 15 min, 16 ingredients
  • Curried Shrimp
    shrimp, raw, butter, onion, chopped and
    8 More
    shrimp, raw, butter, onion, chopped, jalapeno peppers, minced or 1/4 tsp dried red pepper flakes, salt & freshly ground black pepper, ground cardamom or 1/4 tsp curry powder, ground cumin or 1/2 tsp curry powder, lime, juiced, sour cream, plain yogurt, fresh cilantro, chopped
    25 min, 11 ingredients
  • Curry Mango Chicken Curry Mango Chicken
    curry powder (i personally like the yellow curry) and
    22 More
    curry powder (i personally like the yellow curry), minced gingerroot, garlic cloves, minced, crushed red pepper flakes, salt, black pepper, thyme, skinless chicken thighs, converted long grain white rice, rinsed, mangoes, peeled, seeded, and chopped, onion, chopped, crushed garlic cloves, minced fresh gingerroot, curry powder, red pepper flakes, salt, thyme, whole allspice berries, brown sugar, water, chicken broth, lime juice, coconut milk
    3 min, 23 ingredients
  • Curried Oysters With Banana Salsa Curried Oysters With Banana Salsa
    curry powder, best quality (use the best curry powder tha... and
    28 More
    curry powder, best quality (use the best curry powder that you can find. also the freshest.), butter or 4 tbsp margarine, melted, shallots, minced, garlic cloves, blanch&pureed, fish fumet, heavy cream, lime , juice of, salt, wellfleet oysters, whitefish trimmings, mushroom, sliced, carrot , sm, chopped, white onion, sliced thin, oyster liquor, white wine, water, bay leaf, peppercorn, fennel seed, parsley, fresh thyme, minced, red bananas, cut into 1/4-inch dice (ripe ), serrano chilies, minced, corn oil, lime juice, cilantro, minced, mint, minced, tamarind paste, red bell pepper (cut the red pepper into 1/4-inch dice.)
    1 hour 10 min, 29 ingredients
  • Curried Pepper Relish Curried Pepper Relish
    curry powder, olive oil, mayonnaise and
    9 More
    curry powder, olive oil, mayonnaise, yellow bell pepper, cut into small dice, anaheim chile or 1 small green bell pepper, cut into small dice, whole small red chile, minced, onion, finely diced, garlic clove, minced, fresh lime juice, chopped capers, grated lime zest, salt and freshly ground pepper
    12 ingredients
  • Curried Yellow Beet Bisque Curried Yellow Beet Bisque
    curry powder, mustard seeds, cumin seed, vegetable oil and
    10 More
    curry powder, mustard seeds, cumin seed, vegetable oil, big vidalia onion, chopped, carrots, chopped, celery ribs, chopped, garlic cloves, minced, big russet potato, peeled and diced, yellow beet, peeled and diced, vegetable broth, coconut milk (1 can), orange juice, salt and pepper
    1 hour 20 min, 14 ingredients
  • Curried Tomato Barbeque Sauce Curried Tomato Barbeque Sauce
    curry powder, vegetable oil and
    3 More
    curry powder, vegetable oil, vine-ripened tomato (about 1/2 lb), cut into 1-inch chunks, fresh lemon juice, sugar
    5 ingredients
  • Curried Barley and Shrimp Salad Curried Barley and Shrimp Salad
    curry powder, turmeric, barley and
    12 More
    curry powder, turmeric, barley, peeled and deveined sm frozen cooked shrimp, thawed and drained, seeded and diced tomatoes, chopped green pepper, chopped peeled cucumber, fresh lime juice, vegetable oil, seeded finely chopped jalapeno peppers, garlic clove, minced, salt, chopped fresh basil, romaine lettuce leaf, lime, quartered
    1 hour 5 min, 15 ingredients
  • Curried Mussels Curried Mussels
    salted butter, light olive oil, yellow onions, minced and
    26 More
    salted butter, light olive oil, yellow onions, minced, ginger, minced, garlic, minced, jalapenos, minced (or to taste), hot curry powder, sweet curry powder, coriander, turmeric, cayenne, kosher salt (to taste), fresh ground black pepper , to taste, heavy whipping cream, chili sauce, to taste (sriracha ), lime juice (to taste), brown sugar (to taste), heaping 1/2 cup each parmigiano regianno and aged provolone cheese, grated, mussels, light olive oil, fresh garlic, minced, shallot, minced, kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper, fresh thyme sprigs, dry good quality white wine, curry cream, assorted fresh herb, finely chopped , such as flat leaf parsley, chives, chervil, basil, thyme (avoid cilantro and rosemary as they may overpower the flavor of the other herbs), crusty bread
    1 hour 10 min, 29 ingredients
  • Curried Chicken With Mango Curried Chicken With Mango
    nonfat plain yogurt and
    7 More
    nonfat plain yogurt, new mexico chile powder (i used regular ol chile powder), mild curry or 1 tsp hot curry powder, lime juice, chopped garlic, salt, skinless boneless chicken breasts, ripe mango, finely diced
    36 min, 8 ingredients
  • Curried Chicken Sausage Casserole Curried Chicken Sausage Casserole
    canola oil, fresh chicken sausage, onions, sliced and
    9 More
    canola oil, fresh chicken sausage, onions, sliced, garlic cloves, crushed, fresh ginger, grated, granny smith apples, peeled, cored and diced, indian korma curry paste or 3 tsp dried curry powder, chicken stock, chopped tomatoes with juice, cornflour, warm water, parsley, chopped
    40 min, 12 ingredients
  • Curried Spinach With Cashews (Raw Foods) Curried Spinach With Cashews (Raw Foods)
    fresh spinach, water, onions, chopped and
    8 More
    fresh spinach, water, onions, chopped, garlic cloves, minced, green chili pepper, seeded and minced, raw cashews, fresh lime juice, unripe coconut meat or 1 1/2 cups organic coconut milk, curry powder or 1 -2 tsp curry paste, salt, coconut water
    20 min, 11 ingredients

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