Weight Loss Calculator

This calculator will help those people who want to manage their weight and need to have a precise guide for action. Based on such individual characteristics as existing weight, height, age, gender and level of physical activity, Weight Loss Calculator determines how much calories daily ration should contain for achieving the desired result in weight loss. Also there are some options provided to help a person in choosing optimal weight loss scheme depending on how much and how fast he/she wants to loose.

About You

Calorie requierements according to your lifestyles.
An active lifestyle, such as workouts or manual labor, requires more calorie intakes rather than an office worker living sedentary lifestyles.

How can you describe daily activity level?

  • all day (1.2)
  • no exercise (1.3)
  • light exercise (1.4)
  • no exercise (1.5)
  • light exercise (1.6)
  • heavy exercise (1.7)
  • heavy exercise (1.8)
  • exercise (2.0-2.4)

Amount to lose

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