Insanity Workout Review

Insanity Workout Review

Recently, a new trend among fans of fitness has appeared known as high-intensity interval training. This is intense cardio session also including power elements as well as working with free weights (dumbbells, barbells, weights). High-intensity is achieved through a variety of different power and cardio sessions with minimal interval between exercises - from 5 to 10 seconds. Programs include intervals of high and moderate intensity in turns.
This allows to get some pause after intense cardio session performing exercises of low intensity, but with a higher power load.

Today, there is a decent choice of different high-intensity interval programs, but all of them have something in common: they are a kind of shock therapy for a body. High-intensity interval training puts into work a huge amount of body systems simultaneously, quickening pulse to the limits and increasing oxygen consumption. This type of training takes a lot of energy and can be recommended only to those people who are already trained enough. One of such programs is Insanity created by Shaun T, a famous fitness coach, for Beachbody company (it develops and sells fitness and weight loss solutions).

Insanity Workout: feel the difference

Being presented in 2009 Insanity is a relatively new fitness program for those people who’d like to get instant results and don’t mind to work really hard for this. Insanity guarantees bringing their bodies into desired shape in just 60 days, which would be equal to one year of usual training at a gym. The program consists of video lessons which include exercises for different muscle groups.
The entire program is intended for 60 days. Workouts of the first month last approximately 40 minutes and then there is a recovery week with same-type exercises for 40 minutes. The first month of training is aimed at reducing the percentage of fat in a body. Then the second month workouts with duration of 50-60 minutes are offered aiming to increase muscle mass. In accordance with the schedule the training has to be performed 6 days a week.

The lessons start with a short video where Sean T tells about Insanity and how you should train. It’s very helpful, indeed, since the system has got some ins and outs you’d better learn before beginning workouts. Then Fit Test goes that is one of the most important components of the program. The test consists of eight different exercises and you have to perform each of them as many times as possible with only small breaks in between exercises. Within following 9 weeks of Insanity Workout you will perform this test every 14 days to monitor your progress. Also the test allows to understand whether your body is really ready for this high-intensity program (if during the test you feel that you can’t finish it, it is better to start cardio with an easier program and to return to Insanity afterwards).

Following lessons include mixtures of cardio, pilates, power exercises, yoga elements and plyometrics. You don’t need any fitness equipment and you can practice Insanity at home with only video lessons helping you. Shaun T is very motivating and most of people exercise with great interest and enthusiasm. Moreover, following instructions you‘ll see the first transformations of your body just after several weeks of training. But it is really a challenge not to quite after the first few weeks since Insanity Workout is very intensive program as it is evidenced by the many reviews of those who has already tried to manage it. However, if you get through Insanity, strong and slim body with rippling muscles will be your reward for diligence.

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