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The favorite choice for the term "Pepper" is 100 g pepper, black which has about , 1 g polyunsaturated fat, 0.74 g monounsaturated fat, 1.39 g saturated fat, 3.26 g total fat. Calorie and nutritional information for a variety of types and serving sizes of Pepper is shown below.

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 Polyunsaturated fat(g)Monounsaturated fat(g)Saturated fat(g)Total Fat(g)
 100 g10.71.43.3
 1 tbsp, ground0.
 1 tsp, ground0000.1
 1 tsp, whole0000.1
 1 dash0000
 1 cup1.
 1 tsp0000.1
 1 tbsp0.
 1 cubic inch0.
 1 ml0000
 1 fl oz0.
 1 pint2.
 1 litre4.73.56.515.2
 1 quart4.
 1 gallon17.613.124.557.5
 1 oz0.
 1 lb4.53.46.314.8
 1 kg107.413.932.6
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Other Popular Types of Pepper

 Polyunsaturated fat(g)Monounsaturated fat(g)Saturated fat(g)Total Fat(g)
 pepper, white ()- 100 g0.
 peppers, hot chili, green ()- 100 g0.1000.2
 pepper, red or cayenne ()- 100 g8.42.83.317.3
 peppers, sweet, green, canned, solids and liquids ()- 100 g0.200.10.3
 peppered loaf, pork, beef ()- 100 g0.532.36.4
 burrito, with beef and chili peppers ()- 100 g0.5348.2
 burrito, with beans and chili peppers ()- 100 g0.
 nachos, with cheese and jalapeno peppers ()- 100 g27.16.916.7
 chimichanga, with beef and red chili peppers ()- 100 g0.64.14.410.1
 nachos, with cheese, beans, ground beef, and peppers ()- 100 g2.24.34.912
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