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Building and repairing furniture


Building and repairing furniture

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How many calories are burned Building and repairing furniture 1 hour for a 160 lb person

Minutes 5 10 15 30 60 120 180 240
Calories 36.27 72.53 108.8 217.6 435.19 870.39 1305.58 1740.77

Please note that there are many factors that may contribute to your total calories expended. Total energy requirements may vary according to gender, age, muscle mass, height and other genetic and environmental factors.

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For male 160 lb 1 hour of Building and repairing furniture is equivalent to eating any of the lines of the following table.

Quantity Meal cal per 100g
310 g lager 440ml can (Coors Light) 140
110 g soft serve frozen yogurt (Sams Club) 389
530 g pav bun (Daily Fresh) 82
600 g raspberries 6oz/170g (Driscolls) 72
390 g meiji plain crackers (Meiji) 112
330 g wheat rusk (Britannia) 130
140 g strong beer (Tuborg) 320
140 g blueberry essence pill for eye health (DHC) 321
290 g cappuccino - sugar-free white chocolate caramel (QuikTrip) 150
760 g miniature heroes (Cadbury) 57
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