13 japanese seafood sauce Recipes

  • Japanese Eggyolk Sauce (Mayonnaise) for Seafood
    egg yolks, canola oil, light miso or 1/4 tsp dark miso and
    4 More
    egg yolks, canola oil, light miso or 1/4 tsp dark miso, sake, sugar, orange rind, soya sauce
    5 min, 7 ingredients
  • Seafood Cakes with Herb Sauce
    mayonnaise, dill pickle relish, minced chives and
    17 More
    mayonnaise, dill pickle relish, minced chives, minced fresh parsley, tomato paste, grated lemon peel, salt, pepper, panko (japanese ) bread crumbs, sweet red pepper, finely chopped, sweet yellow pepper, finely chopped, chopped onion, egg, lightly beaten, minced fresh parsley, minced chives, bay scallops, coarsely chopped, salmon fillet, skin removed and coarsely chopped, butter, cubed, chopped sweet red and yellow peppers and minced chives
    1 hour 10 min, 20 ingredients
  • Braised Seafood and Vegetable Noodles
    cornstarch, sake or dry sherry and
    16 More
    cornstarch, sake or dry sherry, skinless halibut fillets, cut into 1-inch pieces, shrimp, peeled and deveined, fat-free , less-sodium chicken broth, sake or dry sherry, oyster sauce, cornstarch, white pepper, water, baby bok choy , quartered lengthwise, fresh lo mein noodles or udon noodles (thick, round fresh japanese wheat noodles), vegetable oil, sliced carrot, sliced green onions, canned straw mushrooms, drained, snow peas, cut in half diagonally, canned whole baby corn, cut in half diagonally
    18 ingredients
  • Shrimp And Scallop Seafood Cakes With Cilantro But...
    cakes, sea scallops, panko (japanese breadcrumbs), egg and
    19 More
    cakes, sea scallops, panko (japanese breadcrumbs), egg, whipping cream, chopped shallot, minced garlic, salt, pepper, cooked peeled deveined shrimp, coarsely chopped, chopped fresh cilantro, chopped fresh chives, chopped fresh parsley, cilantro butter sauce, dry white wine, white wine vinegar, shallots, minced, whipping cream, vegetable oil, chilled unsalted butter, cut into 8 pieces, coarsely chopped fresh cilantro, scallions pieces for garnish, lime pieces for garnish
    10 min, 23 ingredients
  • Maryland Crab Cake Salad
    mayonnaise, seafood seasoning, capers, drained and
    9 More
    mayonnaise, seafood seasoning, capers, drained, worcestershire sauce, dijon mustard, fresh lump crabmeat, drained, diced red bell pepper, seeded, finely diced cucumber, minced green onion, butter, japanese breadcrumbs (panko), mixed salad greens
    12 ingredients
  • Japanese Seafood Stew Japanese Seafood Stew
    cellophane noodles, shrimp and
    8 More
    cellophane noodles, shrimp, monkfish fillets or 10 oz tile fish fillets or 10 oz scrod fillets, fresh shiitake mushrooms, fresh kale, rinsed, scallions, carrots, 1/4-inch thick, dashi (japanese stock) or 2 cups bottled clam juice, mirin (syrupy rice wine), light soy sauce
    30 min, 10 ingredients
  • Seafood Tofu Miso Soup Seafood Tofu Miso Soup
    fish fillets, sliced, dashi stock, water, miso and
    14 More
    fish fillets, sliced, dashi stock, water, miso, red dates, sliced, chinese wolfberries, soft silken tofu, dried shiitake mushrooms, soaked and shredded, wakame seaweed, sesame oil, olive oil, stalks spring onions, sliced, pepper, water, kombu seaweed (dried kelp), japanese bonito flakes, sugar, light soy sauce
    40 min, 18 ingredients
  • Tempura 101 Tempura 101
    seasonal fish and vegetables are used in tempura. the ing... and
    35 More
    seasonal fish and vegetables are used in tempura. the ingredients for tempura in the recipe below are only a few of the many, many common ingredients that lend themselves to this treatment. shrimp; squid; small whole fish like perch, smelt, and goby; white-fleshed saltwater fish; eggplant; green beans; onion rings; sweet potato slices; bell pepper strips; mushrooms - the list could go on for several pages. chicken, beef and pork, however, are not usually prepared as tempura because of their relatively heavier, identifiable taste. chicken and pork are deep-fried in other ways, and beef is often given a more highlighted preparation, say, in sukiyaki., http://japanesefood.about.com/od/tempura/a/cookingtempura.htm, basic steps for cooking tempura, prepare the ingredients ., make tempura batter ., heat vegetable oil in a deep pan to 340-350f degree., lightly dip ingredients in the batter and immediately fry them until crisp. it takes longer to fry vegetables than to fry seafood., drain tempura on a rack ., serve right away with tentsuyu (tempura dipping sauce) or salt. tempura is best served hot. *grated daikon radish is a common condiment., tempura batter recipe - japanese recipe, http://japanesefood.about.com/od/tempura/r/tempurabatter.htm, egg, ice water, all purpose flour, preparation, beat an egg in a bowl. add ice water in the bowl. be sure to use very cold water., add sifted flour in the bowl and mix lightly. be careful not to overmix the batter., tempura dipping sauce recipe, tempura dipping sauce is called tentsuyu in japanese. serve this sauce with tempura., dashi soup stock, mirin, soy sauce, sugar, preparation, put mirin in a pan and heat. add soy sauce and dashi soup stock in the pan. bring the sauce to a boil., tips for making crispy tempura, by setsuko yoshizuka, tip 1: ice, use ice water for the batter. this is really important to prevent the batter from absorbing too much oil., tip 2: batter (tempura batter recipe), do not make the batter ahead of time. try not to over mix the batter and not to coat ingredients with the batter too much., if you are frying both seafood and vegetables, fry vegetables first. then, fry seafood. fry vegetables at 340f degree and fry seafood at 350f degree., tip 4: oil temperature, check the temperature of frying oil , drop a little batter into the oil. if the batter comes up right away instead of sinking to the bottom of the pan, it s about 360 f degree. if the batter goes halfway to the bottom and comes up, it s about 340f degree. this is said to be the right temperature to fry tempura.
    5 min, 36 ingredients
  • Crab Cakes (Robert Irvine) Crab Cakes (Robert Irvine)
    egg, seafood seasoning (recommended : old bay seasoning) and
    8 More
    egg, seafood seasoning (recommended : old bay seasoning), mayonnaise, panko (japanese breadcrumbs), gingerroot juice or powder, hot sauce (recommended : tabasco), lemon, juiced, grapeseed oil, lump crab , picked, all-purpose flour , for dusting
    30 min, 10 ingredients
  • Crab Cakes (Robert Irvine) Crab Cakes (Robert Irvine)
    mayonnaise, panko (japanese breadcrumbs) and
    9 More
    mayonnaise, panko (japanese breadcrumbs), seafood seasoning , such as old bay, ground ginger powder, hot sauce , such as tabasco, ground white pepper, egg, lump crab , picked, flour , for dusting, grapeseed oil , 1 oz at a time, juice of 1 lemon
    35 min, 11 ingredients
  • Cod Sandwich (Robert Irvine) Cod Sandwich (Robert Irvine)
    vegetable oil, for frying and
    11 More
    vegetable oil, for frying, eight 2- to 3-oz cod medallions, cut on bias, all-purpose flour, seafood seasoning, egg wash (equal parts milk and whipped eggs), japanese breadcrumbs (panko), salt and freshly ground black pepper, unsalted butter, softened, soft kaiser rolls, tartar sauce, shredded iceberg or bibb lettuce, pickles , sliced lengthwise
    35 min, 12 ingredients

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