15 homemade orzo pasta Recipes

  • Greek Orzo Salad
    orzo pasta (1/2 lb), crumbled feta cheese and
    6 More
    orzo pasta (1/2 lb), crumbled feta cheese, cucumber, seeded and thinly sliced, yellow bell pepper, chopped, grape tomatoes, halved, black olives , preferably kalamata,pitted and halved, bottled greek vinaigrette dressing (or homemade ), scallion, chopped
    20 min, 8 ingredients
  • Genoa Orzo With Pesto
    orzo pasta, sliced black olives, drained and
    3 More
    orzo pasta, sliced black olives, drained, pesto sauce (homemade or prepared ), grated parmesan cheese (the good stuff, if you can), salt and pepper, to taste
    15 min, 5 ingredients
  • Prawn & Chicken Orzo Paella
    sesame oil and
    12 More
    sesame oil, shallots (golden, 4 small, peeled and thinly sliced ), gingerroot (grated ), garlic cloves (finely chopped ), chicken breasts (boneless, skinless ), salt and pepper, orzo pasta, smoked paprika, chicken stock (homemade or low salt), prawns (cooked small), lemon juice (fresh ), soy sauce, coriander leaves (chopped plus extra to garnish )
    50 min, 13 ingredients
  • Chicken Breasts With Orzo, Carrots, Dill, and Avgolemono Sauce
    olive oil and
    8 More
    olive oil, boneless skinless chicken breasts (about 1 1/3 lb in all ), salt & freshly ground black pepper, canned low sodium chicken broth or 1 1/4 cups homemade stock, dried dill, orzo pasta, carrots, quartered and cut into 2-inch lengths, eggs, lemon juice
    30 min, 9 ingredients
  • Orzo Risotto Orzo Risotto
    butter, minced shallots and
    6 More
    butter, minced shallots, saffron threads steeped in 2 tbsp white wine, homemade chicken broth, orzo pasta, salt and crushed red pepper flakes, cooked shrimp, chopped, coarsely chopped italian parsley
    25 min, 8 ingredients
  • Kasha and Orzo Pilaf Kasha and Orzo Pilaf
    orzo pasta, vegetable broth (or homemade vegetable stock) and
    9 More
    orzo pasta, vegetable broth (or homemade vegetable stock), raw dried kasha , medium grind, egg, beaten, carrots , grated in food processor, butter or 2 tsp soy margarine, dried thyme, salt (to taste), black pepper (to taste), minced parsley, scallions, thinly sliced (white and green parts )
    25 min, 11 ingredients
  • Pasta E Fagioli Pasta E Fagioli
    sweet italian sausage, smoked bacon or pancetta, chopped and
    18 More
    sweet italian sausage, smoked bacon or pancetta, chopped, ground beef, onions, chopped fine, ribs celery, diced, garlic, chopped very fine, chicken or turkey stock, homemade if available, tomato sauce, cannellini beans, with liquid, divided (or white northern beans), red kidney beans, with liquid, diced tomatoes, with liquid, white pepper, dried ground thyme, dried oregano, dried basil, ditalini (short tubular pasta traditional in this dish) (or subst. small shells or macaroni), cooked orzo pasta (like rice grains) or seme de meloni (like melon seeds), carrot, shredded, parmigiano cheese , as a garnish, chopped basil (fresh if possible), as a garnish
    1 hour 20 min, 20 ingredients
  • Chicken and Pasta Soup (Food Network Kitchens) Chicken and Pasta Soup (Food Network Kitchens)
    orzo or favorite shaped little pasta and
    10 More
    orzo or favorite shaped little pasta, extra-virgin olive oil, onion, diced, garlic, minced, carrot, shredded, rib celery, peeled and minced, kosher salt, cooked chicken, bay leaf, fresh thyme, chicken broth, low-sodium canned or homemade
    30 min, 11 ingredients
  • Soupa Avgolemono Soupa Avgolemono
    homemade chicken stock, orzo pasta, eggs (separated ) and
    2 More
    homemade chicken stock, orzo pasta, eggs (separated ), lemons, black pepper (fresh ground )
    45 min, 5 ingredients
  • Green on Green Pasta Soup (Michele Urvater) Green on Green Pasta Soup (Michele Urvater)
    vegetable oil and
    12 More
    vegetable oil, leeks (white and green parts) cleaned and sliced, garlic, thinly sliced, cabbage, shredded finely, water or homemade chicken broth, zucchini, trimmed, seeded and cut into 1/2 inch half moons, green beans cut into 1-inch lengths or haricots verts cut in half, orzo or other small shaped pasta, frozen petite peas, thawed, salt and freshly ground pepper, chopped parsley , mint and chives, chiffonade of basil, freshly grated parmesan or romano cheese, pesto or other herb paste
    1 hour 15 min, 13 ingredients
  • Rabbit Aguadito Rabbit Aguadito
    chicken stock, preferably homemade, water and
    23 More
    chicken stock, preferably homemade, water, unpeeled onions, coarsely sliced, carrot, washed and coarsely sliced, ribs celery, with their tops, washed and coarsely sliced, leek, white part only , halved lengthwise and rinsed, unpeeled fresh ginger, coarsely sliced, whole unpeeled heads garlic , halved lengthwise, fresh tarragon, flatleaf parsley, whole jalapeno peppers, annatto seeds, juniper berries, black peppercorns, coarse sea salt, rabbit (about 3 1/2 lb), rinsed, dried, and cut into serving pieces, lard or olive oil, orzo pasta, paprika, achiote paste (see note), stirred together with 2 tbsp water, onion, minced, garlic, minced, salt, fresh or thawed frozen peas, flatleaf parsley, leaves only, coarsely chopped
    25 ingredients
  • Vegetable Soup With Chicken Meatballs Vegetable Soup With Chicken Meatballs
    chicken stock (homemade is best ) and
    19 More
    chicken stock (homemade is best ), whole tomatoes, cut up and include juice, chopped yellow onion, zucchini, chopped, celery rib, chopped, carrot, chopped, garlic clove, minced, dried oregano, salt , to taste, fresh ground black pepper, orzo pasta, ground chicken, dried coarse breadcrumbs, chopped fresh parsley, chopped yellow onions, garlic clove, minced, salt, dried allspice, dried sage, fresh ground black pepper
    31 min, 20 ingredients
  • Stuffed Lentil Stew Stuffed Lentil Stew
    ground turkey (or lean ground beef) and
    14 More
    ground turkey (or lean ground beef), onion , medium chunked, carrots (1/4 inch chunks or slices), stalks celery (with leaves, thinly sliced and divided ), lentils, washed, diced tomatoes (or stewed ), water, beef broth (or 3 cups homemade ), brown sugar, garlic cloves (or 2 tsp pre-minced or garlic powder), low sodium soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, ketchup, flour (optional for thickening) or 2 tbsp cornstarch (optional for thickening), acini di pepe pasta (with an additional 1 1/2 cups of water) or 1/2 cup orzo pasta (with an additional 1 1/2 cups of water)
    1 hour 15 min, 15 ingredients

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