10 crab cake orange sauce Recipes

  • Crab Cake Sliders with Blood Orange Aioli (Jeff Mauro)
    mayonnaise and
    16 More
    mayonnaise, freshly squeezed blood orange juice (about 1/2 orange), stone-ground mustard, blood f = http://www.foodterms.com/encyclopedia/zest/index.html class= crosslink debug= 178 189 >orange zest, garlic, grated, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, butter crackers, crushed (about 3/4 cup), mayonnaise, plus more for schmearing, roughly chopped fresh parsley, seafood seasoning , such as old bay, plus additional for garnishing, hot sauce, egg, beaten, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, lump blue crab meat, shell and cartilage picked out, butter , for spreading, potato slider buns, split, baby mesclun greens, for topping
    1 hour , 17 ingredients
  • Crab Cakes
    lump crabmeat, raw peeled and deviened shrimp, egg white and
    16 More
    lump crabmeat, raw peeled and deviened shrimp, egg white, heavy cream, worcestershire sauce, mayonnaise, salt, parsley, cayenne pepper, tabasco sauce, lemon juice, olive oil, minced shallots, diced yellow pepper, diced red pepper, diced orange bell pepper, breadcrumbs, clarified butter, scallions, finely minced
    1 hour , 19 ingredients
  • Crab Cakes A La Seattle Crab Cakes A La Seattle
    crab meat, olive oil and
    20 More
    crab meat, olive oil, good quality white bread crumbs, divided, eggs, beaten, mayonnaise (light mayo is fine), minced onion, minced celery, minced red bell pepper, garlic, minced, minced parsley, kosher salt or 1/2 tsp. table salt, mustard powder, cayenne pepper, seattle crab cake sauce, this sauce is so good you may wish to double it), shallots, minced, dry white wine, orange juice, reduced to 2 tbsp., cold butter, preferably unsalted, cut into 4 pieces, yogurt, low-fat or full-fat, cream or half-and-half, tabasco or other hot sauce
    23 ingredients
  • Crab Cakes With Strawberry Salsa Crab Cakes With Strawberry Salsa
    fresh strawberries (stemmed and diced ) and
    20 More
    fresh strawberries (stemmed and diced ), red onions, diced 1/4 inch, minced parsley, orange juice, passion fruit juice concentrate, salt and pepper, as needed, worcestershire sauce, fresh lemon juice, dry mustard, seafood seasoning, green bell peppers, diced 1/4 inch, red bell peppers, diced 1/4 inch, shallots, finely chopped, chopped parsley, fresh white breadcrumbs, cracker meal, eggs, beaten, crabmeat , picked and drained, salt and pepper, flour , as needed, vegetable oil , for frying as needed
    1 hour , 21 ingredients
  • Crispy Crab Cakes (Brian Boitano) Crispy Crab Cakes (Brian Boitano)
    lump dungeness crabmeat, drained and
    20 More
    lump dungeness crabmeat, drained, fresh bread crumbs, divided, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, hot sauce, eggs, divided, chopped fresh parsley leaves, lemon, juiced, salt and freshly ground black pepper, all-purpose flour, water, canola oil, mayonnaise, sweet chili sauce, blood orange juice, salt and freshly ground black pepper, extra-virgin olive oil, blood orange juice, dijon mustard, baby arugula, salt and freshly ground black pepper
    37 min, 21 ingredients
  • Dungeness Crab Cakes with Orange Butter Sauce Dungeness Crab Cakes with Orange Butter Sauce
    milk, white bread, fresh dungeness crabmeat, mayonnaise and
    9 More
    milk, white bread, fresh dungeness crabmeat, mayonnaise, egg, lightly beaten, chopped sweet red pepper, chopped green onions, chopped pickled ginger, salt, freshly ground pepper, panko (japanese bread crumbs), vegetable oil, orange butter sauce
    13 ingredients
  • Kristie's Delicious Crab Cakes!! Kristie's Delicious Crab Cakes!!
    fresh lump crabmeat and
    15 More
    fresh lump crabmeat, soft breadcrumbs (ritz crackers, crushed or pulsed in the blender), egg, beaten, mayonnaise, chopped finely red bell pepper, chopped finely yellow bell pepper, chopped finely orange bell pepper, chopped green onion, seafood seasoning (cajun or old bay), minced fresh parsley, fresh lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, yellow mustard, black pepper, hot pepper sauce, lemon zest
    55 min, 16 ingredients
  • Roasted Spot Prawns Roasted Spot Prawns
    spot prawns , butterflied (shell on) and
    43 More
    spot prawns , butterflied (shell on), crab cake mix , recipe follows, hot and sour vinaigrette , recipe follows, english cucumbers , julienned and seeds removed, red pepper , bruniose, yellow pepper , bruniose, green pepper , bruniose, ginger, chopped, shallot, chopped, garlic, chopped, mint, chopped, cilantro, chopped, hollandaise , recipe follows, olive oil, yellow onion, small dice, stalk celery, small dice, crab meat, mayonnaise , recipe follows, parsley, chopped, japanese bread crumbs, lime juice, sugar, honey, scallions, green part only chopped, garlic cloves, smashed, shallots, sliced thinly, ginger, sliced thinly, rice wine vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, habenero pepper , seeds removed and sliced thinly, sesame oil, canola oil, soy sauce, in a small, non-reactive saucepan, mix two quarts lime juice with sugar. cook to a light caramel color stage., add honey , scallion, garlic, shallot, ginger and vinegar. reduce by half. add lemon, orange and pineapple juices, and pepper. bring to a boil then lower to a simmer. reduce by 1/4., strain vinaigrette and chill overnight. before serving, stir in oils and soy sauce., egg yolk, dijon mustard, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, salt to taste, olive oil
    44 ingredients

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