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The favorite choice for the term "Cheese Dip" is 100 g dip, salsa con queso, cheese and salsa- medium which has about , 9.51 g total fat, 11.14 g total carbs, 3.14 g protein, 143 calories. Calorie and nutritional information for a variety of types and serving sizes of Cheese Dip is shown below.

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 Total Fat(g)Total Carbs(g)Protein(g)Calories
 100 g9.511.13.1143
 2 tbsp2.93.30.942.9
 1/2 cup11.913.93.9178.8
 1 tsp0.
 1 cubic inch1.61.90.523.8
 1 ml0.10.101.4
 1 fl oz2.93.30.942.9
 1 pint45.653.415.1685.8
 1 litre96.4112.931.81449.3
 1 quart91.2106.830.11371.6
 1 gallon364.8427.3120.55485.7
 1 oz2.73.20.940.5
 1 lb43.150.514.2648.5
 1 kg95.1111.431.41430
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Other Popular Types of Cheese Dip

 Total Fat(g)Total Carbs(g)Protein(g)Calories
 blue cheese dip ()- 100 g206.710236.7
 restaurant-style mexican cheese dip ()- 100 g16.15.110.2208.5
 cheese dip (other than cream cheese) ()- 100 g21.28.716.4290
 nacho cheese dip ()- 100 g16.110.73.6178.6
 cream cheese dip ()- 100 g35.73.46.3354
 jalapeno cheese dip ()- 100 g8.97.13.6125
 jalapeno cheddar cheese dip ()- 100 g7.89.41.6125
 rotel hamburger-sausage cheese dip ()- 100 g11.97.614.4218.6
 wegmans artichoke and asiago cheese dip ()- 100 g403.310400
 cheese with chili pepper dip (chili con queso) ()- 100 g14.97.311.7208
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