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The favorite choice for the term "Pasta and Pizza Sauces" is 100 g sauce, pizza, canned, ready-to-serve which has about , 1.15 g total fat, 8.67 g total carbs, 2.18 g protein, 54 calories. Calorie and nutritional information for a variety of types and serving sizes of Pasta and Pizza Sauces is shown below.

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 Total Fat(g)Total Carbs(g)Protein(g)Calories
 100 g1.28.72.254
 1/4 cup0.75.51.434
 1 tsp0.
 1 tbsp0.
 1 cubic inch0.
 1 ml00.100.6
 1 fl oz0.42.70.717
 1 pint5.843.711272.1
 1 litre12.292.323.2575.1
 1 quart11.687.422544.3
 1 gallon46.4349.587.92176.9
 1 oz0.32.50.615.3
 1 lb5.239.39.9244.9
 1 kg11.586.721.8540
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Other Popular Types of Pasta and Pizza Sauces

 Total Fat(g)Total Carbs(g)Protein(g)Calories
 sauce, alfredo mix, dry ()- 100 g36.436.515.3535
 sauce, pizza, canned, ready-to-serve ()- 100 g1.28.72.254
 sauce, steak, tomato based ()- 100 g0.2221.395
 tomato products, canned, sauce ()- 100 g0.25.41.324
 sauce, tomato chili sauce, bottled, with salt ()- 100 g0.319.82.5104
 beans, baked, canned, with pork and tomato sauce ()- 100 g0.918.75.294
 sauce, tomato chili sauce, bottled, no salt, low sodium ()- 100 g0.328.72.5104
 pasta with sliced franks in tomato sauce, canned entree ()- 100 g2.412.74.490
 pasta with tomato sauce, no meat, canned ()- 100 g0.414.22.270
 tomato products, canned, sauce, with onions ()- 100 g0.29.91.642
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Common suggestions for Pasta and Pizza Sauces

 Total Fat(g)Total Carbs(g)Protein(g)Calories
 Alfredo Sauce - 100 g36.436.515.3535
 Marinara and Tomato Sauce - 100 g1.57.51.449
 Pesto Sauce - 100 g505.118.1534
 Vodka Sauce - 100 g3.63.10.950.1

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