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  • Make Your Own Sourdough Starter
    make and maintain your own sourdough starter and
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    make and maintain your own sourdough starter, need a volume of at least 1 and 1/3 cups., there are several ingredient combinations for making wild, yeast sourdough, is to grate a raw potato. then add enough water to cover, enough flour to make a thin batter of about a cup and a, third in volume ., method is to use water that you ve boiled potatoes, in instead of the grated potato and water combination., you can also use flour , sugar and water. use 1 cup of, flour , a tbsp of sugar and enough water to make a, pancake consistency batter ., yet another is to simply mix together equal amounts of water, flour (whole wheat is best for this)., anything that provides food for the yeast and a good growing, environment will work. yeast needs sugar or carbohydrates, which it converts to sugar), and clear liquid., make your choice based on what you have handy and just because, what you d like to try. don tsp worry about whether or, not 1 set of ingredients will work better than another, because the chances are that they will all be equally, efficient in attracting wild (sour) yeast. there is no exact, recipe because there are so many other variables in each house, that will invite or dissuade wild yeasts from entering the, mixture. if at first you don tsp succeed, try, try again . the, most important thing is the method ., when you have decided on the ingredients you want , put them in, a glass container that will hold at least three times the, volume of the ingredients. mix lightly with a wooden or, plastic spoon as some metals will react to it. the working of, starter will mix itself ., leave the mixture undisturbed and loosely covered with a cloth, perforated plastic (to allow gases to escape) at warm room, temperature until it begins to froth or work and expand., this is a sign that wild yeasts have made themselves at home, what you re after. the new starter will rise up in, then fall again. when it has , it s ready for, use. (note: it will smell sour !), when you use it , always leave some in the container and add, flour and water back to equal what you ve taken out. most, recipes call for a cup of starter, so replace it with a half, flour and a half-cup of water and set it in a warm, place to work again ., you will probably see a liquid covering the top at 1 time or, this is called hooch , and it s exactly what it, sounds like , but don tsp drink it! actually, it s harmless, so, stir it back into the starter if the starter is thick, or if, either way ., keep sourdough in the refrigerator unless you use it at least, every third day. if you use it that often , you can leave it on, counter or any place where it s safe. if you can tsp, refrigerate it , you can keep it fresh by throwing out a cup of, it every second or third day and then replenish with flour and, water. wait until it works again before counting days ., a properly cared for starter can live indefinitely, but if you, leave it out without using it for too long, the yeast can, literally suffocate in its own waste products. if the starter, looks off color (grayish is normal) or turns pink, toss it and, start fresh ., what can you make with sourdough besides the traditional, bread , you can make biscuits, pancakes, pretzels, bagels, muffins , cornbread and even cookies! once you re comfortable, using it , you can experiment with your favorite yeast or, baking powder recipes. simply put , you substitute sourdough
    67 ingredients
  • Pico De Gallo...salsa...ceviche...call It What You Will. Pico De Gallo...salsa...ceviche...call It What You Will.
    roma tomatoes or 2 large tomatoes, seeded, chopped and
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    roma tomatoes or 2 large tomatoes, seeded, chopped, avocados, pitted, peeled, chopped, white onion, chopped, jalapenos, seeded, chopped into small pieces (you could use 1, i prefer 2 for the spice), cilantro, large stems removed, chopped, lime, salt (i prefer kosher ), cooked shrimp, tail-off, shelled, deveined, cut into approximately 1/2 inch size pieces (optional)
    30 min, 8 ingredients
  • Apple Tartin Apple Tartin
    apple tartin and
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    apple tartin, quick cooked tart it is called an apple tartin and is very simple and beautiful. my daughter has made this for school and she never brings any back, plus she always has a large number of requests for the recipe. this depends on the size of the saute pan you use. i start with about a 10 pan well coated with no stick pam and i use about 2 sliced apples, about a 1/2 to 1/4 thick (i like granny smith, but use what you like). i then melt unsalted butter and enough brown sugar to cover bottom of the pan and make a thick syrup after it cooks. i thin put the apples into the syrup and cook a few minutes so they get coated good with the syrup., i over lay the apples or shingle them is the tech term in a round circle like a huge sun flower design or something that works for you, be creative! i then use bought flake pastry dough and put on top of the apples enough to cover completely and make an edge on the outside of the tart. you can roll the dough at the edge make a little design in it to close the edge or just leave the edge open but in a round shape no rough edges.then i put in the oven and brown the pastry dough. when it is done (doesn tsp take long to cook) i have a large plate that i put over the saute pan and invert so the whole thing comes out with the, apples on top and the crust on bottom. i then coat with my simple water and sugar syrup ( recipe above) for a shiny coat and then i serve with cool whip or ice cream. 1 thing i forgot . you will have a center hole the apples you can cut a round shape ot of the apple or fill with cool whip, but if you can cut the top of the apple with the stem intact it looks nice in the hole. i have used cookie dough for this recipe and it works , but the pastry works best for me.
    15 min, 4 ingredients
  • Easy, Light, Best Butter Pecan Cake Easy, Light, Best Butter Pecan Cake
    butter pecan cake mix and
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    butter pecan cake mix, eggs (or as called for by your cake mix), oil (or as called for by your cake mix), water (or as called for by your cake mix), vanilla instant pudding mix, milk (i use skim, but you can use what you like), cool whip (i use fat-free, but you choose), chopped pecans (i toast them for a few minutes-which is optional), vanilla
    30 min, 9 ingredients
  • Cioppino Cioppino
    i fell in love with this recipe. i love anything tomato b... and
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    i fell in love with this recipe. i love anything tomato based. this is like tomato sauce and chunks of all your favorite fish. you add whatever fish you like. and get a huge loaf of crusty bread and butter! i basically modify this recipe to my own sauce, so can you add what fish you like. just a great great recipe! you can make this your own! everyone thinks this is italian it is not. chip in . chip in as a call heard on the world famous fisherman s wharf in it s early heyday before world war ii. this was a call for san francisco s mainly italian immigrant fisherman coming home with their catch of pacific seafood to donate a small portion of their catch for a communal fish stew prepared on the docks. anything would do. a few clams, mussels. adding some red snapper, a crab or two, some scallops some halibut or flounder, anything to add to the fragrant stew that would soon be served to the club of san francisco fisherman who would talk about the days catch and dunk san francisco sour dough bread into the rich broth. eventually the broken english cries of chip in turned into chip-in-o . hence the name cioppino . this is a rich seafood stew with not much care as to how it was assembled. this consisted of throwing the days catch into a big pot and pouring sauce into the pot with the shellfish and chunks of what fish was available. let all these flavors enhance each other for awhile and you have the most flavorful and messy to eat stew that ever was., turns around the pan in a slow stream ) extra-virgin olive oil, crushed red pepper flakes, flat fillets of anchovies, drained, garlic, crushed, bay leaf, fresh or dried, celery ribs, chopped, onion, chopped, good quality dry white wine ( i am sure even beer works), chicken stock, chunky style crushed tomatoes, fresh thyme, leaves removed (about 1 tbsp), handful flat-leaf parsley, chopped, cod, cut into 2-inch chunks, salt and pepper, shrimp , ask for deveined easy-peel or peel and devein, sea scallops, raw mussels , scrubbed, a loaf of fresh , crusty bread, for mopping up!! or 2 loaves depending on quanity and people eating this.
    15 min, 19 ingredients

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