20 three coloring Recipes

  • Coleslaw Crisp
    three-color (green and red cabbage and carrots) coleslaw ... and
    7 More
    three-color (green and red cabbage and carrots) coleslaw blend, prepared coleslaw dressing, shredded cheddar-monterey jack cheese blend, salt, ground black pepper, butter, softened, dry bread crumbs, shredded cheddar-monterey jack cheese blend
    30 min, 8 ingredients
  • Three Bean Pasta Salad
    tri-color spiral pasta, kidney beans and
    3 More
    tri-color spiral pasta, kidney beans, french style green beans, yellow wax beans, ranch dressing
    20 min, 5 ingredients
  • Three Cheese Rotini Bake
    tri-color spiral pasta, cooked, butter or 3 tbsp margarine and
    7 More
    tri-color spiral pasta, cooked, butter or 3 tbsp margarine, garlic clove, minced, flour, pepper, milk, american cheese, shredded, mozzarella cheese, shredded, blue cheese, crumbled
    50 min, 9 ingredients
  • Practical Joke Birthday Cake!
    instant mashed potatoes, water and
    2 More
    instant mashed potatoes, water, three colors, your choice )
    1 hour 20 min, 4 ingredients
  • Linguine With Three Colors Vegetables and Pesto Sauce
    olive oil, zucchini (cut in long thin slices) and
    8 More
    olive oil, zucchini (cut in long thin slices), garlic cloves, chopped, linguine, red bell pepper (cut in long thin slices), pesto sauce, olives (green, chopped ), sunflower seeds , kernels (roasted, chopped), olive (green, sliced for topping ), sunflower seeds , kernels (roasted, for topping)
    50 min, 10 ingredients
  • Tablescape Center Piece Mini Cakes Three Ways (Sandra Lee)
    flour , for dusting, vanilla cake mix, buttermilk and
    15 More
    flour , for dusting, vanilla cake mix, buttermilk, vanilla frosting, sugar, divided, lemon juice, brioche tins, brioche tins, count) cupcake tin, white cupcake liners, pastry bag, or resealable zip top bags, pastry tip (number 804 or similar), store bought rectangular petit fours (lavender in color), purple flowered cupcake paper covers, tiered silver dessert stand, lavender, fresh or dried, edible glitter (available at craft and baking supply stores)
    1 hour 15 min, 19 ingredients
  • Pasta Salad
    rainbow tri-color spiral pasta, cooked and drained and
    10 More
    rainbow tri-color spiral pasta, cooked and drained, tomatoes, kraft crumbles three-cheese blend , monterey jack, colby, & cheddar (or shredded), green onion, chopped, beef snack sticks, sliced (the long thin snack kind ), extra light olive oil, red wine vinegar, dried oregano, garlic clove, minced, salt, pepper
    30 min, 11 ingredients
  • Spicy Sausage Alfredo
    penne rigate, italian sausage (link or bulk) and
    6 More
    penne rigate, italian sausage (link or bulk), alfredo sauce, red hot pepper sauce (or to taste ), bell peppers (any color or all three), red onion, canola oil or 1 tbsp olive oil, shredded parmesan cheese
    35 min, 8 ingredients
  • Super Cheesy Tortellini
    tri color three cheese tortellini, tbsbutter, flour and
    3 More
    tri color three cheese tortellini, tbsbutter, flour, milk, more or less, shredded cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese
    30 min, 6 ingredients
  • Three Sisters Harvest Stew Three Sisters Harvest Stew
    olive oil, onion, chopped, garlic cloves, chopped and
    8 More
    olive oil, onion, chopped, garlic cloves, chopped, carrot cut into 1-inch pieces, butternut squash, cubed (for a quicker-cooking variation, use 1 cup yellow or crookneck squash, cubed), beans, drained (garbanzos, with their harvest gold color, are my favorite, but you could try butter beans, small red beans, or pintos - whatever pleases you), fresh or frozen corn kernels, sea salt, dried chipotle pepper (optional), water or vegetable broth, as needed, chopped fresh parsley
    30 min, 11 ingredients
  • Three Color Salad: Insalata Tri Colore (Rachael Ray) Three Color Salad: Insalata Tri Colore (Rachael Ray)
    hearts romaine lettuce, head radicchio, endive and
    4 More
    hearts romaine lettuce, head radicchio, endive, glugs ) extra-virgin olive oil, shallot, minced, splashes ) balsamic vinegar, coarse salt and black pepper
    20 min, 7 ingredients
  • Robin's  Pasta Salad Robin's Pasta Salad
    twisted pasta (three color or plain) and
    6 More
    twisted pasta (three color or plain), olive oil vinaigrette (ken s), green bell pepper, diced, tomato, diced, cheddar cheese, diced, sliced black olives, sliced pepperoni
    30 min, 7 ingredients
  • Fresh Classic Grape Salsa Fresh Classic Grape Salsa
    coarsely chopped california seedless grapes (use all thre... and
    6 More
    coarsely chopped california seedless grapes (use all three colors), chopped green onions, diced fresh chilies (or diced , canned anaheim chilies), chopped fresh cilantro, vinegar, garlic, minced, salt
    7 ingredients
  • Spicy Three-Bean Pasta Salad Spicy Three-Bean Pasta Salad
    pasta (i prefer small sea shells or elbow macaroni) and
    21 More
    pasta (i prefer small sea shells or elbow macaroni), black beans, pinto beans, dark red kidney beans, frozen corn, thawed, monterey jack pepper cheese, cubed, black olives, sliced, tomatoes, coarsely chopped, cucumber, diced, green onions, coarsely chopped, carrot, peeled & shredded, bell pepper, seeded & diced (assorted colors add to presentation and flavor), extra virgin olive oil, limes , juice of (enhances flavor of olive oil) or 1 lemon, juice of (cuts olive flavor), garlic cloves, finely chopped, chili powder, cumin, dried oregano, dried thyme, dried cilantro, red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper (optional)
    1 hour , 22 ingredients
  • Salade De Lentilles Trois Couleurs (Three Colored Lentil Salad) Salade De Lentilles Trois Couleurs (Three Colored Lentil Salad)
    lentils (a combination of green, brown, and or red) and
    9 More
    lentils (a combination of green, brown, and or red), tomatoes, cored and seeded, chopped into 1/2-inch pieces (about 1 large), instant couscous, dry , then prepared according to the package directions, green onion, finely chopped (oignons rotis ), virgin olive oil (to taste), red wine vinegar (to taste), dried parsley or 1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped, salt (to taste), fresh ground pepper, tabasco sauce or 1 -2 dash red pepper sauce
    25 min, 10 ingredients
  • Vintage Cake Icing Recipes 1889 - 1929 Vintage Cake Icing Recipes 1889 - 1929
    these vintage cake icing recipes are taken from mom s old... and
    31 More
    these vintage cake icing recipes are taken from mom s old recipe scrapbooks , circa 1929. mom often used these easy cake frosting recipes to decorate cakes for birthdays and everyday use., seven minute icing recipe, egg white , 3/4 cups white sugar, 1 tbsp corn syrup, 1/4 tsp cream of tartar, 3 tbsp water, 1/2 tsp vanilla. combine all ingredients, except flavoring, in top of double boiler and beat; place over rapidly boiling water and beat 7 minutes or until frosting is fluffy and will hold shape; remove from stove, add flavor and beat 1 minute longer; spread immediately., easy vanilla icing recipe, butter , 1-1/2 cups icing sugar, 1-1/2 tbsp milk, 1/2 tsp vanilla; beat., vanilla butter cream icing recipe, butter , 1/2 tsp salt, 2 tsp vanilla, 3 cups icing sugar, 1/4 cup milk. combine all ingredients and mix., butterscotch icing recipe, in a saucepan combine 3 tbsp butter , 3 tbsp milk, 1/2 cup dark brown sugar. heat till dissolved, beat in 1-2/3 cups icing sugar and 1/2 tsp vanilla; beat till creamy., icing recipes, these old-fashioned , homemade icing recipes are taken from the white house cook book by hugo ziemann, steward of the white house, and mrs. f. litre. gillette, a celebrated 19th-century cookbook author, published by the saalfield publishing company, new york, in 1913., cake frosting tips, in the first place , the eggs should be cold, and the platter on which they are to be beaten also cold. allow, for the white of 1 egg, 1 small teacupful of powdered sugar. break the eggs and throw a small handful of the sugar on them as soon as you begin beating; keep adding it at intervals until it is all used up. the eggs must not be beaten until the sugar has been added in this way, which gives a smooth, tender frosting, and 1 that will dry much sooner than the old way., spread with a broad knife evenly over the cake, and if it seems too thin, beat in a little more sugar. cover the cake with two coats, the second after the first has become dry, or nearly so. if the icing gets too dry or stiff before the last coat is needed, it can be thinned sufficiently with a little water, enough to make it work smoothly., a little lemon juice , or half a teaspoonful of tartaric acid, added to the frosting while being beaten, makes it white and more frothy., flavors mostly used are lemon , vanilla, almond, rose, chocolate, and orange., if you wish to ornament with figures or flowers, make up rather more icing, keep about 1-third out until that on the cake is dried; then, with a clean glass syringe, apply it in such forms as you desire and dry as before; what you keep out to ornament with may be tinted pink with cochineal , blue with indigo, yellow with saffron or the grated rind off an orange strained through a cloth, green with spinach juice and brown with chocolate, purple with cochineal and indigo. strawberry, or currant and cranberry juices color a delicate pink., cake in a cool oven with the door open to dry, or in a draught in an open window., almond frosting (marzipan icing recipe), whites of three eggs, beaten up with three cups of fine, white sugar. blanch a lb of sweet almonds, lb them in a mortar with a little sugar, until a fine paste, then add the whites of eggs, sugar and vanilla extract. lb a few minutes to thoroughly mix. cover the cake with a very thick coating of this, set in a cool oven to dry, afterwards cover with a plain icing., chocolate frosting, whites of four eggs , three cups of powdered sugar and nearly a cup of grated chocolate. beat the whites a very little, they must not become white, stir in the chocolate, then put in the sugar gradually, beating to mix it well., plain chocolate icing, put into a shallow pan four tablespoonfuls of scraped chocolate , and place it where it will melt gradually, but not scorch; when melted, stir in three tablespoonfuls of milk or cream and 1 of water; mix all well together, and add 1 scant teacupful of sugar; boil about five minutes, and while hot, and when the cakes are nearly cold, spread some evenly over the surface of 1 of the cakes; put a second 1 on top, alternating the mixture and cakes; then cover top and sides, and set in a warm oven to harden., all who have tried recipe after recipe , vainly hoping to find 1 where the chocolate sticks to the cake and not to the fingers, will appreciate the above. in making those most palatable of cakes, chocolate eclairs, the recipe just given will be found very satisfactory., tutti frutti icing, mix with boiled icing 1 oz each of chopped citron , candied cherries, seedless raisins, candied pineapple, and blanched almonds., sugar icing, extra-refined sugar add 1 oz of fine white starch ; lb finely together and then sift them through gauze; then beat the whites of three eggs to a froth. the secret of success is to beat the eggs long enough, and always 1 way; add the powdered sugar by degrees, or it will spoil the froth of the eggs. when all the sugar is stirred in continue the whipping for half an hour longer, adding more sugar if the ice is too thin., take a little of the icing and lay it aside for ornamenting afterward. when the cake comes out of the oven, spread the sugar icing smoothly over it with a knife and dry it at once in a cool oven., ornament the cake with it, make a cone of stiff writing paper and squeeze the colored icing through it, so as to form leaves, beading or letters, as the case may be. it requires nicety and care to do it with success.
    15 min, 32 ingredients
  • Cherry Pie Cherry Pie
    cherry pie, by edra ward, time for memories and
    38 More
    cherry pie, by edra ward, time for memories, cherry pie . . ., brown crust and spice and sugar, jucie fruit , piled high., twas baked in the big oven, along with three or four, thier wonderful aroma, came floating out the door ., we watched through all the making, often got a taste . . ., was so delicious, not 1 must go to waste., helped to pick the cherries, that made it extra good, carried in the wood ., we saw the dough mixed quickly, how fast the rolling pin, smoothed it out, so nice and round, just right to fit the tin., firm deft fingers worked, soon each crimson sphere, was ready to be covered, sugar and spice., top would then be dotted, cinnamon , here and there, latticed upper crust, was put in place with care., when twas time for dinner, how everyone would beam, as grandma cut the cherry pie, pour the rich thick cream ., filling for cherry pie, into your favorite unbaked piecrust , place the filling, sugar, cornstarch, salt, cherry juice, red coloring
    30 min, 41 ingredients
  • Deer Antlers Deer Antlers
    deer antlers and
    10 More
    deer antlers, no - these are not bambi s father s deer antlers so don tsp panic, eggs, sugar, whipping cream, percent fat sour cream, flour, baking powder, cardamom, melted butter shortening or oil, beat eggs and sugar until light and lemon-colored. whip cream and sour cream lightly together. sift the dry ingredients. add alternately with melted butter and both creams to the egg mixture. mix lightly together. refrigerate overnight. roll the dough into 1/3 sausages. cut into 5 lengths. form into a wreath. make two notches along the edges. heat the shortening or oil to 350 degrees f. deep fry, a few at a time, until golden, three to four minutes.
    4 min, 11 ingredients

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