Calories in Big train Vanilla chai tea

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How many calories should you eat?

Nutrition Facts Big train Vanilla chai tea

Amount Per 8 oz
Calories 140 Kcal (586 kJ)
Calories from fat 27 Kcal
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 3g 5%
Saturated Fat 3g 15%
Sodium 45mg 2%
Total Carbs 26g 9%
Sugars 25g 100%
Protein 2g 4%
Calcium 80mg 8%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Find out how many calories should you eat.

Ingredients And Nutrition Overview


How to burn 140 calories

Let's Burn 140 Calories!

% RDI of Main Nutrition Facts

of RDI* (140 calories) 227 g
  • Cal: 7 %
  • Fat: 4.6 %
  • Carb: 8.7 %
  • Prot: 4 %
  • 0%
    RDI norm*

Calories Breakdown

  • Carbs (74.8%)
  • Fat (19.4%)
  • Protein (5.8%)
Big train Vanilla chai tea Good and Bad Points
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User Reviews of vanilla chai tea
By Undepressing on Apr 21, 2016

Lov this products, I am soo glad to find it.

By Dichroite on Apr 21, 2016

My husband and I love this Chai tea!!

By Internidal on Apr 23, 2016

Best Chai you can make at home!

By Leg on Apr 26, 2016

I love this tea!

By Snuffle on Apr 29, 2016

This is really good and perfect for fall.

By Statrix on Apr 30, 2016

Love it, much better than what is in the store

By Overvote on May 01, 2016

Best chai EVER!

By Jurisdictions on May 02, 2016

It's very good..but My favorite is Spice chai!

By Chaparrals on May 03, 2016

So delicious!!

By Malalignment on May 04, 2016


By Bitching on May 05, 2016

Does not mix well and lots of carbs and sugar.

By Unesoteric on May 06, 2016

The best vanilla favored chai tes

By Penwest on May 07, 2016

My wife favors this brand over all others

By Salvias on May 08, 2016

best chai tea

By Mccusker on May 09, 2016

Very tasty but too much sugar.

By Flurrying on May 10, 2016

Too much sugar for me.

By Perreti on May 11, 2016

One word... DELICIOUS!!!

By Guss on May 12, 2016

Nice flavor!

By Election's on May 13, 2016

Brand names matter

By Malella on May 14, 2016

daughter loved it. will send her more soon

By Laatste on May 15, 2016

great taste just add to hot water

By Lingtao on May 16, 2016


By Tachylyte on May 17, 2016

Excellent tea!

By Buffaloback on May 18, 2016

Love this chai

By Meshy on May 19, 2016

Love it!

By Forehalf on May 20, 2016

love it

By Companion's on May 21, 2016

OMG this stuff is tasty!

By Rinzing on May 22, 2016

sugar, sugar, sugar. tastes good though

By Apocalypses on May 23, 2016


By Timaliidae on May 24, 2016


By Fragano on May 25, 2016


By Cypseloid on May 26, 2016

Just as expected, thanks!

By Ballooned on May 27, 2016

Not bad, just too sweet for me.

By Vanadic on May 28, 2016

I love this vanilla chai.

By Superplane on May 29, 2016

This stuff is the best Vanilla Chai Tea! YUM!

By Ordway on May 30, 2016

good vanilla and spice flavors, but super sweet

By Tweaking on May 31, 2016


By Tattles on Jun 01, 2016

Chai can dented on rim and side

By Pima on Jun 02, 2016

This is one of my husband's favorite chai teas.

By Dhaniya on Jun 03, 2016

The only chai latte that warms me up.

By Ichthyornithes on Jun 04, 2016

Awesome taste, Highly Recommend!

By Hydrotomy on Jun 05, 2016

My mom LOVES this easy-to-use tea!

By Ponchos on Jun 06, 2016

now I can have my favorite drink at home

By Canthi on Jun 07, 2016

great !

By Dissogony on Jun 08, 2016

Delicious! Perfect to drink on a cold winter day!

By Hungnam on Jun 09, 2016

Love the taste of this vanilla chai.

By Cardiatrophia on Jun 10, 2016

the best chai you will ever try!

By Hominen on Jun 11, 2016

love it !!

By Indebted on Jun 12, 2016

I am addicted to this chai

By Digilog on Jun 13, 2016


By Sibilance on Jun 14, 2016

Big Train is the BEST!!

By Disrooting on Jun 15, 2016

Very tasty.

By Sregtur on Jun 16, 2016

love this product!!! Soooooo yummy!

By Histotherapy on Jun 17, 2016

This stuff taste so yummy.

By Erythrosiderite on Jun 18, 2016

Very good!!

By Indovax on Jun 19, 2016

Very tasty!!

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