Weight watchers diet review

Weight watchers diet review

The main principals of Weight Watchers system are control over calories and consumption of low-fat food. In fact, there are two diet programs at option: Points Plan and Simply Filling Technique. Flexibility of the diet allows its adherents changing programs at any time they want.

Points Plan

Within this program you are permitted to consume eat any food with no restrictions on choice of products, but you can’t go beyond the specified amount of points. Every product is converted into points in correspondence with its caloric value, saturated fat content and size of portion. The higher emission of heat of a particular product, the more quantity of points it receives. To determine the quantity of food that can be eaten during a day, you should add points assigned to each of selected product and compare the result with your individual plan. There are a lot of online calculators performing this function. Besides, Weight Watchers Company issues special prospectus containing thousands of popular food products from restaurants and supermarkets. If you register in Weight Watchers system, the online database on 30,000 products will be available for you. So, everything you need is to write down points for every eaten food product during a day and to ensure that the total number of points does not go beyond your allowed daily ration.

Allowed daily ration depends on a number of personal factors. Newcomers are recommended to use the generalized table for points calculation which takes into account only a person’s existing weight. But there are additional tables allowing to calculate more personalized plans in compliance with height, gender, age, activity level and set goals (to lose or to maintain weight). A leader of each group helps with calculations, but it’s easy to find necessary tables online. Additional points (activity points) can be earned if you are engaged in physical activity. They are calculated individually too, based on activity duration and intensity.

Simply Filling Technique

Within this program you can consume only food products from a special list until you completely still hunger (with no restrictions on the amount of eaten products). This option is for lazy people: if you don’t want to count points and write them down, your choice of food is limited to the products from healthy food list. Nevertheless, additional sports allow eating other products that are not included to the healthy list.

Benefits of Weight Watchers diet

  • Within Points Plan there is no prohibition on food. You can consume absolutely everything, including your favorite «harmful products» and this makes the diet rather tempting and easy to follow.
  • Weight Watchers diet fosters healthy eating and motivates to engage in sports.
  • Losing weight within Weight Watchers program people are supported by professional nutritionists and have high probability to lose excessive pounds.
  • The system includes mutual support within Weight Watchers community and this is a great way to find «fellows in misery» and to get psychological assistance. 


  • Weight Watchers is a paid program. You have to regularly pay membership fees and need to purchase additional literature and brand food products, the cost of which may be significant for your budget.
  • The number of new products on the market grows constantly and in this situation points calculation can’t be quite accurate though Weight Watchers corporation tries to update the program in accordance with current realities.
  • Weight Watchers diet is not recommended for people suffering with chronic diseases as well as for pregnant and nursing women since this weight loss system does not account for their nutrition and physiological needs.
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