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  • Reductions - Proving That Less Is More
    any liquid can be reduced just by heating it - but why wo... and
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    any liquid can be reduced just by heating it - but why would you want to do that, answer comes back to two of our old friends, flavor and consistency (texture)., by reducing any flavored liquid you intensify its flavor and at the same time thicken it. you can continue this process until what you have left is a syrup if it contains sugar, or a sauce if it does not., this is 1 of the most important tools in the kitchen , believe it or not, because a great sauce can rescue an indifferent meal., literally any liquid can be reduced ., a few uses, wine is frequently used in cooking , both as a marinade and as an addition to sauces for meat., there are some problems with it though, 1 of which is that you need a really good wine and quite a lot of it to produce a reasonable sauce for, say, six people., on the other hand , if you use pure grape juice and reduce it to a syrup, that syrup, added to any sauce (or gravy if you prefer) will lift it into the realms of gourmet ., more , you don tsp have to make your reduction on the night you prepare your meal. you can reduce a liter of grape juice at any time to the consistency and flavor you want; then just store it in the fridge., you can do the same thing with any fruit juice - prune is sensational - and store it until needed. just about all of them will do things for ice cream, pies or tarts that will have your guests demanding the recipe, pork with apple sauce use a carton of fresh apple juice from the supermarket and reduce it. and if you want a real sensation add in a glass of apple brandy during the reduction process., are you getting an idea of how simple this is, take any carton of fresh stock straight of the shelf and reduce it. you will transform it into something even the manufacturer won tsp recognize. but beware, you need to start out with good quality in the first place, because when you reduce a liquid you intensify all the flavors, and not just the good ones., if it s salty to start with, for example, it will be salty beyond belief by the time you ve reduced it even by half. so if you are going to use a supermarket stock, make sure it s an extremely good 1., believe me when i tell you that stock cubes should not be used for reduction sauces., thickeners, because you will be tasting as you go (won tsp you ), you may find that you get the flavor you want before the desired consistency is reached., a couple of hints right now for your sauces., sweet ones can be thickened successfully without loss of color by adding in liquid glucose early on in the reduction process. surprisingly, this will add little in the way of sweetness and produces a beautiful velvety sauce when whisked., if you get it wrong and add too much, no problem. stir in a little extra water to thin it., reduction pans, reductions need to happen rapidly in serving to preserve flavors. and the greater the surface area of the liquid the faster the water will evaporate., however you may want to whisk something into the sauce while its cooking - such as butter or olive oil for example - and for that i find a small wok is best; 1 with a handle., a wok is less likely to reduce so fast that the sauce is burnt while your back is turned. but try both methods and see which you prefer. you may even end up using something totally different., no magic to this. whatever works for you, that s what you should use, in this and everything else to do with cooking., just bear in mind that what you re after is speed and ease of use. as well as a great tasting result, of course. :>), keeping, if they should dry out , simply add a little water and heat through., sauces containing meat juices of any kind must be frozen if you re going to keep them, and should be brought to boiling point before being used again. there is no need to thaw them out to do this, in fact it s better not to. simply drop the frozen cubes into a saucepan, melt them over a gentle heat, and then bring swiftly to the boil., why do you do this to avoid food poisoning, that s why. you are making sure that any bugs introduced into the sauce during the preparation process are killed off., worry , this will not be because of anything you have done wrong (i hope!), but because bacteria are part of our everyday lives and they exist in every kitchen, however clean., in fact your food , and especially your meat, is crawling with wildlife that you will never see. don tsp worry about them. careful handling and simple precautions will ensure that these miniature monsters can never multiply enough to harm either you or your guests.
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  • Homemade Tea Sandwich Bread
    milk, lukewarm water, butter, salt, sugar and
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    milk, lukewarm water, butter, salt, sugar, special dry milk or nonfat dry milk, potato flour or heaping 3/4 cup potato flakes, king arthur unbleached all-purpose flour, king arthur 100% organic white whole wheat flour, instant yeast, use all-purpose flour exclusively, if you like ; but believe me, your family will never notice the substitution of a cup of organic white whole wheat flour for part of the all-purpose
    45 min, 11 ingredients
  • You Will Never Eat Regular Tacos Again Aka Pork Ta... You Will Never Eat Regular Tacos Again Aka Pork Ta...
    taco seasonings or chicken taco seasoning, olive oil and
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    taco seasonings or chicken taco seasoning, olive oil, cracked black pepper to taste, pork tenderloin, (diced into small bite size pieces), pico de gallo, ripe tomatoes, diced and seeded, white onion, diced, red onion, diced, fresh cilantro, chopped, jalapeno, seeded and chopped, garlic, minced, cracked black pepper, salt, juice of 1 lime, fixings, corn tortillas, fresh guacamole (if desired), shredded mexican blend cheese, shredded lettuce, sour cream, lime wedges (allow at least 1/2 per serving)
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  • Apple Tartin Apple Tartin
    apple tartin and
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    apple tartin, quick cooked tart it is called an apple tartin and is very simple and beautiful. my daughter has made this for school and she never brings any back, plus she always has a large number of requests for the recipe. this depends on the size of the saute pan you use. i start with about a 10 pan well coated with no stick pam and i use about 2 sliced apples, about a 1/2 to 1/4 thick (i like granny smith, but use what you like). i then melt unsalted butter and enough brown sugar to cover bottom of the pan and make a thick syrup after it cooks. i thin put the apples into the syrup and cook a few minutes so they get coated good with the syrup., i over lay the apples or shingle them is the tech term in a round circle like a huge sun flower design or something that works for you, be creative! i then use bought flake pastry dough and put on top of the apples enough to cover completely and make an edge on the outside of the tart. you can roll the dough at the edge make a little design in it to close the edge or just leave the edge open but in a round shape no rough edges.then i put in the oven and brown the pastry dough. when it is done (doesn tsp take long to cook) i have a large plate that i put over the saute pan and invert so the whole thing comes out with the, apples on top and the crust on bottom. i then coat with my simple water and sugar syrup ( recipe above) for a shiny coat and then i serve with cool whip or ice cream. 1 thing i forgot . you will have a center hole the apples you can cut a round shape ot of the apple or fill with cool whip, but if you can cut the top of the apple with the stem intact it looks nice in the hole. i have used cookie dough for this recipe and it works , but the pastry works best for me.
    15 min, 4 ingredients

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