3 river rock Recipes

  • Finding Gold For Fun
    finding gold is really easy. i always go on saturday morn... and
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    finding gold is really easy. i always go on saturday morning ., best spots to find gold is scraping the moss off rocks by the river or cleaning out crevasses in bedrock along the river shore. i scrap moss as it acts like the carpet in a sluice box and traps the gold that is washed down the river during the winter. i have had pans with hundreds for pieces, just amazing to see., i designed customs tools for scraping and getting the fine dust and matter off the rocks. well i am an inventor., nothing is better than sitting down against a rock at lunch time , having a great sandwich, ice cold water, the river is flowing by, the sounds of the water, birds on the wing, lizards scooting over the rocks, and there is gold in the bag., by bag i mean , i scrap the moss or clean crevasses, put the material in a special pail, place the pail under the surface and stir to get the dirt to float out., then i put this material in my pan , swish it around, work a little of the sand out and then tilt it back and let the water roll over the sand. bang! glitter all over. now most people sit there and pan out all the sand, get down to the black sand (iron), pan out the iron, and then put the gold in bottle. total waste of time., panning is strictly recreational. i have a limited time at the river and ever minute counts. i carry my 6 mil 12 x 12 inch zip lock bags. once i see there is color in the sand, it is dumped into the bag and i go get more material. this way i can collect the most material for the 5 hours i have to pan. this is a very cool way to get gold and developed by me., once i get home , i put the material onto cookie sheets and dry it in the oven. once dry and cool, i use a special magnet and remove the iron particles. once the iron is removed, i put the sand through different size brass screens to separate the larger particles so when i pan i am not trying to move large and small particles., sunday morning i sit in my recliner , a light over my shoulder and put a tbsp of material in the green pan in the pics. watching a dvd i start panning the material, suck up the gold and put in a bottle. i do this starting with the biggest particles, love seeing the biggest pieces of gold., i work all the sand i can on sunday and if i am down to really fine particles of sand, it is put in quart containers for another day. there are so many of these containers still not panned. 1 might say there is gold in the garage., if there is a river known to have been a producer of gold close to you, go out and give it a try. i have taught many kids to pan; 1 went and found a nugget as big as my nail on my finger. it was huge! rotten kid wouldn tsp give to me for teaching him. oh, its all right, i will find my own some day. what was cool was after teaching the kids they would go back and pan on their own and find gold. how cool is that, hope you enjoyed finding gold for fun. jj - thegoldminer
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  • Rock 'n' River Breakfast Quiche Rock 'n' River Breakfast Quiche
    johnsonville mild ground italian sausage and
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    johnsonville mild ground italian sausage, shredded cheddar cheese, shredded monterey jack cheese, pastry for single-crust pie (9 inches), eggs, lightly beaten, milk, ground mustard, nutmeg
    45 min, 8 ingredients

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