10 empanadas with chili cheese sauce Recipes

  • Empanadas
    cooked chicken, shredded, onion, chopped and
    8 More
    cooked chicken, shredded, onion, chopped, garlic clove, minced, olive oil, cheddar cheese, grated, picante sauce, chili powder, tabasco sauce, salt, pie crusts
    32 min, 10 ingredients
  • Sweet and Spicy Empanadas
    ground beef, russet potato, peeled and diced and
    22 More
    ground beef, russet potato, peeled and diced, white onion, minced, brown sugar, cinnamon, chili powder, allspice, salt, black pepper, milk, cream cheese, puff pastry sheets, frozen, tomato sauce (trader joe s is really good!), tomato paste, hot chili sauce (sriracha), red wine vinegar, brown sugar, garam masala , spice blend, cinnamon, allspice, chili powder, black pepper, sesame oil, olive oil
    45 min, 24 ingredients
  • Spicy Black Bean Empanadas
    pepperidge farm puff pastry sheets, egg, water and
    13 More
    pepperidge farm puff pastry sheets, egg, water, ground pork or turkey, red pepper, diced, green onions, chopped, garlic, minced, tomato sauce, ground cumin, chili powder, crushed red pepper, shredded cheddar cheese, black beans, rinsed and drained, chopped fresh cilantro leaves, sour cream, guacamole
    1 hour 18 min, 16 ingredients
  •  Now and Later  Vegetarian Empanadas
    carrots , scrub well, butter, chopped onion and
    22 More
    carrots , scrub well, butter, chopped onion, coarsely sliced mushrooms, zucchini, sliced 1/2 inch, stalks celery, sliced 1/2 inch, green pepper, cut in 1/2 inch squares, smashed and minced garlic cloves, tomato (do not drain), chili powder, ground cumin, oregano, cayenne pepper, flour, cold water, shredded monterey jack cheese, salt, all-purpose flour or 3 1/2 cups whole wheat pastry flour, baking powder, chilled butter, chilled vegetable shortening, soy sauce, ice cold water, egg, mixed with, water
    1 hour 30 min, 25 ingredients
  • Empanadas With Chili-cheese Sauce Empanadas With Chili-cheese Sauce
    extra lean ground beef and
    5 More
    extra lean ground beef, reduced-fat refrigerated biscuits , such as pillsbury grands, taco seasoning mix, water, diced tomatoes, store bought salsa-cheese , such as pace or old el paso
    20 min, 6 ingredients
  • Cheesiest Fried Chicken Empanadas W. Chile Con Queso Dip - Deen Cheesiest Fried Chicken Empanadas W. Chile Con Queso Dip - Deen
    chopped cooked chicken , about 4 to 5 chicken breasts and
    13 More
    chopped cooked chicken , about 4 to 5 chicken breasts, shredded colby-monterey jack cheese, blend, cream cheese, softened, chopped red bell pepper, jalapeno, seeded and chopped, ground cumin, salt, ground black pepper, refrigerated pie crusts, water, cheddar cheese (recommended ( velveeta), diced tomatoes, drained, diced green chilies, hot sauce
    1 hour , 14 ingredients
  • Easy Empanada Fillings Easy Empanada Fillings
    pizza sauce (for pizza filling) and
    34 More
    pizza sauce (for pizza filling), shredded mozzarella cheese (or mexican blend , for pizza filling), pepperoni (sliced or diced , for pizza filling), olive oil (mushroom cheese), onion, finely chopped (mushroom cheese), white mushrooms, stems trimmed, cut into small dice (mushroom cheese), chopped green chilies (mushroom cheese), garlic cloves, minced (mushroom cheese), minced fresh cilantro (mushroom cheese), salt and pepper, to taste (mushroom cheese), goat cheese, crumbled (mushroom cheese), cooked chopped spinach (spinach), cheddar cheese, shredded (spinach), bacon, fried and crumbled (spinach), nutmeg (spinach), browned ground beef (meat) or 1 lb cooked shredded chicken (meat), onion, diced (meat), green bell pepper, diced (meat), garlic cloves, crushed (meat), chopped fresh cilantro (meat), sliced green olives (meat), salt and pepper (meat), tomato paste (meat), unsalted butter (pot pie), yellow onion, diced (pot pie), flour (pot pie), low sodium chicken broth (pot pie), frozen peas and carrots (pot pie), store-bought rotisserie-cooked chicken , meat shredded (pot pie), kosher salt (pot pie), black pepper (pot pie), ground beef (taco), onions, diced (taco), taco seasoning (taco), mozzarella cheese (taco)
    30 min, 35 ingredients
  • Spicy Tuna Empanadas Spicy Tuna Empanadas
    white tuna, drained and flaked and
    9 More
    white tuna, drained and flaked, diced green chilies, drained, sliced black olives, drained, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, hard-boiled egg, chopped, salt and pepper, hot pepper sauce, thick chunky salsa, refrigerated pie crusts, salsa (for serving)
    23 min, 10 ingredients

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