8 cream cheese ketchup chip dip Recipes

  • Baked Veggie Chips
    sweet potato (12oz), beet (8oz), white potato (5oz) and
    8 More
    sweet potato (12oz), beet (8oz), white potato (5oz), parsnips (6oz) or 1 large carrot (6oz), canola oil, grated parmesan cheese, kosher salt, garlic powder, dried oregano, ground black pepper, ketchup , light ranch dressing, light sour cream, for dipping (optional)
    40 min, 11 ingredients
  • Crock Pot - Great Beef, Great Beans, Great Dip! Longmeadow Farm
    ground beef and
    22 More
    ground beef, bacon , crisp cooked crumbled (may sub turkey ), kidney beans (rinsed and drained ), cannellini beans (rinsed and drained ), baked beans, onion, chopped, jalapeno pepper, chopped (seeded and deveined ) (optional), green bell pepper, tomato, fresh (optional), brown sugar, ketchup, cider vinegar, yellow mustard, garlic clove, minced, salt (optional), ground pepper, cayenne pepper (optional), tortilla chips, pita bread, hearty cracker, sour cream (can mix with dash of tabasco sauce), fresh cilantro, cheddar cheese (shredded )
    4 hour , 23 ingredients
  • Yummy Ground Beef Dip Yummy Ground Beef Dip
    lean ground beef, chopped onion and
    11 More
    lean ground beef, chopped onion, jalapeno pepper (seeded and minced , optional), garlic (crushed and minced ), mild chile peppers (chopped ), salt , or to taste, tomato sauce, ketchup, oregano, cream cheese, softened and cut in cubes, grated parmesan cheese, chili powder, mild to medium heat, chips for dipping
    2 hour , 13 ingredients
  • Hearty Cheese Dip Hearty Cheese Dip
    ground beef, chopped onion, chopped green pepper and
    9 More
    ground beef, chopped onion, chopped green pepper, garlic clove, minced, tomato sauce, ketchup, sugar, minced fresh oregano or 3/4 tsp dried oregano, pepper, cream cheese, softened, grated parmesan cheese, tortilla chips
    25 min, 12 ingredients
  • Chili Beef Dip Chili Beef Dip
    ground beef, onion, chopped and
    10 More
    ground beef, onion, chopped, jalapeno pepper, seeded and chopped, cream cheese, cubed, tomato sauce, chopped green chilies, grated parmesan cheese, ketchup, garlic cloves, minced, chili powder, dried oregano, tortilla chips
    2 hour 25 min, 12 ingredients
  • Grandma's Frito Dip Grandma's Frito Dip
    hamburger raw/thawed, onion raw, garlic, tomato sauce and
    6 More
    hamburger raw/thawed, onion raw, garlic, tomato sauce, cube ketchup, oregano, sugar, cream cheese softened, cube parmesan cheese, fritos scoops chips
    10 ingredients

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