4 chinese beef stew soup Recipes

  • Nilagang Pata/Baka  (Filipino Pork/Beef Broth Soup W/ Vegetables
    beef (for stewing) or 1 kg pork (for stewing) and
    10 More
    beef (for stewing) or 1 kg pork (for stewing), onions (diced ), head garlic (minced ), salt and pepper, potatoes (cut to the same size as the beef), chinese cabbage (cut into four ), bok choy (cut into 3), corn on the cob, chopped (optional), patis (asian fish sauce), oil, lemon
    2 hour , 11 ingredients
  • Stewed Beef Boat Noodle Soup  Gkuay Dtiow Lauy
    fresh or dry rice noodles and
    21 More
    fresh or dry rice noodles, tender cut of steak, thinly sliced in bite-size strips, set aside in refrigerator until use (optional), beef flank, beef meat balls, cut in half or leave whole (optional), ground white pepper, fresh bean sprouts , chinese broccoli long sliced or fresh spinach, short cilantro sprigs, green onions thinly sliced, fried garlic oil - 8 cloves of chopped garlic fried in 1/4 cup of peanut oil for topping, water, star anise or five spices, stalks lemongrass , cut in 2-inch segments and crushed, section fresh or frozen galangal, crushed (or use 6 dried pieces), head garlic cloves, crushed whole for stock, cilantro roots, up tbsp. thick black soy sauce, sea salt, side condiments, sliced hot pepper in vinegar, sugar, hot dried red pepper blended, fish sauce
    2 hour , 22 ingredients
  • Crock Pot Beef Barley Mushroom Soup
    shiitake mushrooms, dried, water, vegetable oil and
    12 More
    shiitake mushrooms, dried, water, vegetable oil, stewing beef, trimmed, cut into bite size pieces and patted dry, stalks celery, diced, onions, finely chopped, garlic, minced, gingerroot, minced, black pepper, chinese five spice powder, shiitake mushrooms, fresh, stems removed and caps sliced, barley, beef stock, soy sauce, green onion, finely chopped
    8 hour 45 min, 15 ingredients

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