8 chicken wonton boil Recipes

  • Boiled Shrimp and Pork Dumplings
    ground pork and
    14 More
    ground pork, shrimp, finely chopped or ground using food processor, garlic cloves, minced, green onions, finely chopped, soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, cornstarch, oyster sauce, ground black pepper, wonton wrappers, chicken stock, salt and pepper, to taste (for the stock), mushroom soy sauce (optional, but remember that the stock will look a bit brown ), iceberg lettuce (optional) or broccoli (optional) or cauliflower (optional) or carrot, chopped (optional)
    40 min, 15 ingredients
  • Wor Wonton Soup
    ground pork, cooked shrimp (chopped ) and
    18 More
    ground pork, cooked shrimp (chopped ), cooked shrimp (or more ), cooked pork chop (thinly sliced strips), chicken breast (cooked or fried and cut into thinly sliced strips), sliced mushrooms, sliced water chestnuts, chopped gingerroot, egg (beaten ), hard-boiled eggs, sliced, sherry wine, soy sauce, sesame oil, flat-leaf italian parsley (minced ), garlic powder, chicken broth, snow peas (optional), scallion (thinly sliced ), salt and pepper, egg roll wrap (makes larger wontons)
    1 hour 5 min, 20 ingredients
  • Pork Won Ton Soup
    shiitake mushrooms , soaked in boiling water for at least... and
    11 More
    shiitake mushrooms , soaked in boiling water for at least 15 minutes and then chopped fine, pork mince, spring onion, chopped, garlic, minced, ginger, minced, bamboo shoot, chopped fine, water chestnut, chopped fine, soy sauce, wonton wrappers, chicken broth, coriander leaves, red chili
    1 hour 15 min, 12 ingredients
  • Ruby Tuesday's Buffalo Chicken Wontons Ruby Tuesday's Buffalo Chicken Wontons
    wonton wrappers, cut into quarters and
    10 More
    wonton wrappers, cut into quarters, vegetable oil , to brush on wontons, water , to boil chicken, boneless skinless chicken breast, louisiana hot sauce, liquid margarine, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt, blue cheese dressing, celery (to garnish )
    1 hour , 11 ingredients
  • Chinese Chicken Salad Chinese Chicken Salad
    red leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce, red cabbage and
    13 More
    red leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, bean sprouts (or 1 package.), mandarin orange sections, carrot (grated ), green onions (chopped ), rice sticks, sheets wonton wrappers (sliced and fried ), chicken breasts (boiled and shredded ), dry mustard, sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, salad oil (i use olive oil or canola oil instead), rice vinegar
    1 hour , 16 ingredients
  • Improvising a Meal with Phillippe Chin (Ming Tsai) Improvising a Meal with Phillippe Chin (Ming Tsai)
    basic pantry, garlic, onions, chicken stock, flour, eggs and
    36 More
    basic pantry, garlic, onions, chicken stock, flour, eggs, butter, sugar, milk, cream, vanilla, basic spices- whole , inc. chili and curry powder, spice grinder, salt, pepper, olive oil, canola oil, rice- short grain and long grain, spaghetti, wonton wrappers, carrots, celery, ginger, fresh herbs : flat leaf parsley, thyme, oregano, chives, tarragon, rosemary, red and white wine, cognac for flaming, pot of boiling water, champagne, beers, spice grinder, blender, food processor, hand blender, two cutting boards, blow torch, kitchenaid, whole duck, mussels, chinese eggplant, beets, chunk of semi sweet chocolate
    42 ingredients

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