Calories in Tic Tac Orange

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How many calories should you eat?

Nutrition Facts Tic Tac Orange

Amount Per 1 tic tac
Calories 2 Kcal (8 kJ)
Calories from fat 0 Kcal
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Total Carbs 1g 0%
Sugars 1g 4%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
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Ingredients And Nutrition Overview

  • WeightWatchers Points: 0, PointsPlus: 0, SmartPoints: 0
    WeightWatchers Points are estimated by carbohydrates, fats, protein and fiber in product. They are not an affirmation of better quality or nutritional value of the product or its manufacturer. Only way to count for dieters. Less points are better.
    Read more at Weight watchers diet review
  • Contains controversial artificial colors
    Once upon a time, there were no food colorings. Then folks figured out that food looks better and sells more when it can be enlivened through dyes. For most of food history, the dyes were from natural sources beet juice for red, turmeric for yellow,etc. However, in the quest to increase color intensity and lower manufacturing costs, cheap artificial dyes were introduced to market.Unfortunately they pose a risk for hyperactivity in children, cancer, and allergic reactions.
  • Highly Processed!
    This product is highly processed. If you'll take a look at its ingredient list, you'll discover new words to add to your vocabulary. Many of theses ingredients are required to increase the shelf life of the product and improve the flavor that disappears when food is not fresh.
  • Contains artificial flavors. Learn why
    Companies add artificial flavors to products to make them taste better. They are created in a lab and the formulations are guarded as trade secrets. Flavorings can compensate for flavor loss during processing, substitute for ingredients, lower production costs and increase shelf stability. Artificial flavorings are cheaper to source than natural flavors and are perceived as "worse" than natural flavors. They are more stable (and usually less chemically complex) than natural flavors.Artificial flavors are not necessarily bad for you from a health perspective. however, people with food sensitivities or allergies may want to avoid artificial flavors if they are unnamed. You can always contact the manufacturer for more information.
  • Learn about Maltodextrin, found here
    Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide that is used as a food additive. A polysaccharide is a type of carbohydrate. It is produced from starches of corn, wheat, potatoes or rice. Its flavor can be slightly sweet or almost flavorless. Maltodextrin is used as a bulking base for artificial sweeteners, for example in Jell-o it is used in conjunction with Aspartame and Acesulfame Potassium. It is also the bulking agent in Splenda.
  • Learn about carnauba wax
    Carnauba wax is a natural wax sourced from the leaves of Brazilian trees called Copernicia prunifera. That's why it is sometimes it's called Brazil wax. The wax is obtained by beating the leaves until the wax flakes off. It is then refined and bleached.Carnauba wax holds some interesting properties. It is not toxic. It has a very high melting point (178 degrees Farenheit). It is very durable. Thus, it is used in endless applications: shoe polish, dental floss, candy, floor polish, auto wax, and more.

How to burn 2 calories

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Orange Ingredients

Sugar, Maltodextrin, Tartaric Acid, Artificial Flavors, Gum Arabic, Rice Starch, Magnesium Stearate, Ascorbic Aid, Yellow 6, Carnauba Wax.

% RDI of Main Nutrition Facts

of RDI* (2 calories) 240 g
  • Cal: 0.1 %
  • Fat: 0 %
  • Carb: 0.3 %
  • Prot: 0 %
  • 0%
    RDI norm*

Calories Breakdown

  • Carbs (100%)
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By Supervises on Apr 21, 2016

The next best thing to sliced bread

By Palaeographer on Apr 21, 2016

as expected

By Cymbalers on Apr 25, 2016

They're orange, how could you not love them?

By Uncollectibleness on Apr 26, 2016

Love these things.

By Tazze on Apr 28, 2016

perfect for the purse and taste good

By Bilging on Apr 29, 2016

Pretty good..

By Shicker on Apr 30, 2016

Very tasty!

By Apuk'wa on May 01, 2016

Loved the Orange flavor.

By Frush on May 02, 2016

i love tic tac

By Sinciput on May 03, 2016

Granddaughter loves these.

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