4 wedding soup maritata Recipes

  • Italian Wedding Soup With Carrots Orzo And Meatbal...
    whole foods web site : there are endless variations on th... and
    25 More
    whole foods web site : there are endless variations on this soup, but the main elements are meatballs and greens. in our recipe, we make meatballs of ground beef and pork, and we add plenty of fresh herbs and kale for the green component. while the name indicates that the soup might be served at an italian wedding, it is actually a mistranslation of minestra maritata, which refers to the marriage of greens and meat in the soup., ground beef, ground pork, egg, fresh white breadcrumbs, grated parmesan, chopped garlic, chopped fresh oregano, chopped flat leaf parsley, ground nutmeg, paprika, salt, pepper, unsalted butter, chopped garlic, chopped white onion, chopped carrot, salt, pepper, low-sodium chicken broth, water, whole tomatoes, drained and halved, orzo (rice shaped pasta), shredded kale
    30 min, 26 ingredients
  • Zuppa Maritata  Wedding Soup
    ground beef, ground veal , pork or turkey and
    11 More
    ground beef, ground veal , pork or turkey, commercial bread crumbs (or grate your own from stale italian bread), egg, parsley, finely chopped, garlic, minced (optional), paprika (optional), salt and pepper to taste, chicken broth, spinach, chopped, grated pecorino romano cheese, orzo - small grains of pasta shaped like barley (optional)
    30 min, 14 ingredients
  • Minestra Maritata Or Italian Wedding Soup Minestra Maritata Or Italian Wedding Soup
    broccoli rabe, broccoli florets, chicory or escarole and
    14 More
    broccoli rabe, broccoli florets, chicory or escarole, green cabbage, torzelle (another kind of broccoli; you could also substitute something along the lines of collard greens), aromatic herbs such as thyme or basil, to taste, meats, a prosciutto bone, if you like , with some meat attached, prosciutto rind -- if you cannot find this , use a quarter lb of fresh side pork (the cut used to make bacon). do not substitute pork rinds or bacon, which have spices that will throw off the seasoning, italian salami -- any kind of italian salami , including cotechino, pork loin, fresh italian sausages (mild ), cured lard, diced (get this from your delicatessen), well-seasoned caciocavallo (a southern cheese), parmigiano, grated (or pecorino romano, if need be), a bouquet garnis consisting of a rib of celery , a peeled carrot and several sprigs parsley, tied with a string, half a red pepper (spicy) or more to taste (don tsp go overboard)
    3 hour 30 min, 18 ingredients

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