3 rib cage Recipes

  • 4th Of July Ribs
    st. louis ribs 1 rack, soak, sugar, salt, water to cover and
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    st. louis ribs 1 rack, soak, sugar, salt, water to cover, sugar 1 cup, paprika 4 tbsp, black pepper 1 tsp, lawrys seasoned salt 3 tsp, molasses powder 2 tbsp ( i found powdered molasses on line, waiting for it to arrive) see ingredients for substitution., baste, ketchup 1/2 cup, brown sugar 1/4 cup, chili sauce 1/4 cup found near the ketchup in the store ., apple cider 1/4 cup, liquid smoke 1/4 cup, lemon juice 3 tsp, molasses 1/4 cup. substitute for powder. watch your end cooking time as the sugar will want to burn easily. but it gives the nice char effect and taste., pic of the slab is the prime cut of ribs. i personally think they are better than baby back ribs. st. louis have way more meat. i stand to be corrected but st. louis ribs are the section of ribs you see in the pics. you pay more but you don tsp get the brisket or top part of the whole rib cage. there is a flap of meat on the back side to cut off. the ribs you see ready to be marinated are like the fillet mignon of the rib. geez these taste so good i can tsp hardly wait to cook two sides today for the 4th. marinating since last night. i am killing myself writing this.
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  • Key Lime Pie (Better Than Rib Cage)
    cinnamon sugar graham cracker crumbs, butter, melted and
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    cinnamon sugar graham cracker crumbs, butter, melted, sugar, key lime juice, egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk, heavy whipping cream, white sugar
    20 min, 8 ingredients

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