4 crab meat balls sauce Recipes

  • Crab Cakes A La Leah
    this recipe is easy and can be adjusted accordingly - tod... and
    20 More
    this recipe is easy and can be adjusted accordingly - today i used half italian bread crumbs from progresso and half of my bread crumbs i made from my sun-dried tomato bread i had made earlier this month. this is a nice spicy and chunky styled crab cake - so enjoy! you can also make small balls of them and deep fry - but i do fine with sauteeing them in the skillet to make it less fattening., ok here we go ..., onion chopped fine, green pepper chopped fine, red pepper chopped fine, more of lump crab meat (ok to use more affordable imitation crab meat- sssh i won tsp tell a soul if you don t, i promise!), olive oil, pepper, old bay seasoning, herbs de province, worcestershire sauce, zest and juice of 1 lemon, bread crumbs, eggs, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, dry mustard, butter, white wine (optional - but it did add that extra something, equipment needed, skillet , bowl
    20 min, 21 ingredients
  • Crab Balls Crab Balls
    crab meat, egg, slightly beaten and
    9 More
    crab meat, egg, slightly beaten, bread, broken into small pieces, crusts removed, mayonnaise, old bay seasoning, prepared mustard, black pepper, worcestershire sauce, dried parsley, paprika, butter
    20 min, 11 ingredients
  • Christmas Crab Ball Christmas Crab Ball
    philadelphia cream cheese (room temperature, softened ) and
    6 More
    philadelphia cream cheese (room temperature, softened ), imitation crab meat (flaked ) or 3 cups lobsters (flaked), sweet onion (minced fine ), seafood sauce (for the topping ), lemon (cut into thin slices, keep ends for juice), leaf lettuce (rinsed, pat dry , cut off bottoms), townhouse crackers (1 or 2 boxes)
    45 min, 7 ingredients

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