10 coffee creamer whipped topping Recipes

  • Coffee Smoothie Shake
    brewed espresso, fat-free whipped topping and
    5 More
    brewed espresso, fat-free whipped topping, non-dairy coffee creamer, sugar substitute, chocolate syrup, coffee beans, ice cube
    5 min, 7 ingredients
  • Creamy Iced Vanilla Caramel Coffee
    brewed coffee (cold or room temperature ), milk and
    4 More
    brewed coffee (cold or room temperature ), milk, french vanilla non-dairy coffee creamer, caramel ice cream topping (or more to taste), crushed ice, canned whipped cream (optional)
    5 min, 6 ingredients
  • Vanilla Creme....starbucks
    low-fat milk and
    4 More
    low-fat milk, fat free french vanilla liquid coffee creamer (from the refrigerated section), artificial vanilla flavoring or 1 tsp vanilla, to taste, sugar (or to taste), reddi whip fat-free whipped topping (garnish )
    5 min, 5 ingredients
  • Crock Pot Creme Brulee
    egg yolks, sugar and
    3 More
    egg yolks, sugar, heavy cream (whipping) or 2 cups 18% coffee creamer, real vanilla, good-quality (scrape the seeds out of the pod, you can also use vanilla bean paste), sugar, for sprinkling on top
    12 min, 5 ingredients
  • Chocolate Party Cake
    food cake mix (regular size) and
    13 More
    food cake mix (regular size), cook-and-serve chocolate pudding mix, topping mix (dream whip ), water, canola oil, eggs, butter, softened, sugar, baking cocoa, refrigerated nondairy creamer, rum extract, brewed coffee, chopped pecans , optional
    55 min, 14 ingredients
  • Cowboy Coffee Bar Cowboy Coffee Bar
    water, coffee, coarsely ground (dark roast ) and
    7 More
    water, coffee, coarsely ground (dark roast ), non-dairy coffee creamer, powdered, unsweetened cocoa, sugar, ground cinnamon, ground red chili pepper, bourbon, fat-free whipped topping (like cool-whip)
    20 min, 9 ingredients
  • Super-Duper Cocoa-rific Coffee Malt! Super-Duper Cocoa-rific Coffee Malt!
    malted milk powder, unsweetened cocoa powder and
    6 More
    malted milk powder, unsweetened cocoa powder, instant coffee granules, no-calorie sweetener packets, light vanilla soymilk, fat-free non-dairy liquid creamer, ice cubes or 1 cup crushed ice, fat-free whipped topping , optional
    5 min, 8 ingredients
  • Ww  Berry Good Thing! Ww Berry Good Thing!
    frozen strawberries (just plain- not in syrup!) and
    6 More
    frozen strawberries (just plain- not in syrup!), light vanilla soymilk, coffee-mate powdered french vanilla fat free non-dairy coffee creamer, davinchi sugar-free strawberry syrup, splenda sugar substitute, ice cubes, fat free reddi-wip topping , canned whipped cream
    5 min, 7 ingredients

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