6 black beans corn bread salad Recipes

  • Southwest Corn Bread Salad
    corn bread/muffin mix, eggs, beaten, milk and
    11 More
    corn bread/muffin mix, eggs, beaten, milk, chopped green chilies, black beans, rinsed and drained, frozen corn, thawed, diced tomatoes, drained, green pepper, chopped, chopped red onion, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, divided, water, cider vinegar, canola oil, taco seasoning
    50 min, 14 ingredients
  • Corn Bread Confetti Salad
    corn bread/muffin mix, whole kernel corn, drained and
    12 More
    corn bread/muffin mix, whole kernel corn, drained, pinto beans, rinsed and drained, black beans, rinsed and drained, tomatoes, chopped, green pepper, chopped, sweet red pepper, chopped, chopped green onions, bacon strips, cooked and crumbled, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, ranch salad dressing mix
    30 min, 14 ingredients
  • Rachael Ray's Ligurian Tuna Salad Rachael Ray's Ligurian Tuna Salad
    white bread (thin cut like pepperidge farm) and
    15 More
    white bread (thin cut like pepperidge farm), green beans, trimmed, coarse salt, fresh ground black pepper, romaine lettuce hearts, trimmed and shredded, head radicchio (or treviso, shredded), fresh basil leaf (1 handful , torn), fresh flat leaf parsley (1 handful, chopped ), tuna , in oil (italian , drained), green sicilian olives (pitted ), garbanzo beans, drained, caper berries, drained, grape tomatoes or 12 tomatoes, on the vine, corn (frozen ), balsamic vinegar (6 years or older), extra virgin olive oil, for drizzling
    20 min, 16 ingredients
  • Rustic Roasted Chicken Salad Rustic Roasted Chicken Salad
    chicken breast for every 2 people being served. i usually... and
    17 More
    chicken breast for every 2 people being served. i usually use boneless/skinless for this unless i am going to cook them over a wood fire. then i would use skin on and bone in, thick cut bacon (apple smoked or maple will add another flavor level). choose a bacon that you love the taste of., amounts of the vegetable you use depend upon how many people you are feeding . for only 2 i would use 1/2 of each color of bell pepper for example. for 8 i would probably use a whole or nearly whole bell pepper., red, green, yellow, orange bell peppers, cored , seeds removed, sliced into strips., vidalia onions (sweet and mild ) or red onions (zing) cut into strips, yellow and green squash cut slightly thick then in half, asparagus cut into 1 1/2 inch bites, grape tomatoes, garlic cloves left whole for now, mushrooms (your favorite type , of course!), fresh green beans, broccoli and cauliflower can be used too; but make them bite sized pieces, olive oil (have at least a cup or two available depending on how many you are cooking for. you need this to roast the vegetables and for making your croutons!), day old french or italian bread cut up into good sized bites, bigger than what would come in a box of croutons, i cut it up 1 1/2 to 2 inches., fresh grated parmesan or romano cheese, garlic granules , fresh cracked pepper, italian seasonings...or fresh marjoram, basil and thyme, (cut up the basil into small bits), some times i ll add some peas and corn to this as well. also optional would be a couple of boiled eggs..., kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper (white pepper could be added, but it is going to add a significant jolt in the heat/pepper pop department!)
    18 ingredients

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