Vitamins and Minerals in Milk Chocolate

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The favorite choice for the term "Milk Chocolate" is 100 g candies, milk chocolate which has about , 0.06 mg vitamin a, 189 mg calcium, 2.35 mg iron. Calorie and nutritional information for a variety of types and serving sizes of Milk Chocolate is shown below.

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 Vitamin A(mg)Vitamin C(mg)Calcium(mg)Iron(mg)
 100 g0.101892.4
 1 cup chips0.10317.53.9
 1 bar, miniature0013.20.2
 1 bar (1.55 oz)0083.21
 1 cup0.10317.53.9
 1 tsp006.60.1
 1 tbsp0019.90.2
 1 cubic inch00220.3
 1 ml001.30
 1 fl oz0039.70.5
 1 pint0.206357.9
 1 litre0.40134216.7
 1 quart0.40127015.8
 1 gallon1.605079.563.2
 1 oz0053.60.7
 1 lb0.30857.110.7
 1 kg0.60189023.5
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Other Popular Types of Milk Chocolate

 Vitamin A(mg)Vitamin C(mg)Calcium(mg)Iron(mg)
 candies, milk chocolate ()- 100 g0.101892.4
 candies, milk chocolate, with almonds ()- 100 g0.10.22241.6
 candies, milk chocolate coated peanuts ()- 100 g001041.3
 candies, milk chocolate coated raisins ()- 100 g00.2861.7
 candies, milk chocolate coated coffee beans ()- 100 g0.101692.3
 light ice cream, soft serve, blended with milk chocolate candies ()- 100 g00.91350.3
 milk dessert, frozen, milk-fat free, chocolate ()- 100 g00.71540
 chocolate-flavored drink, whey and milk based ()- 100 g0.121000.3
 rennin, chocolate, dry mix, prepared with whole milk ()- 100 g00.81240.3
 puddings, chocolate, dry mix, regular, prepared with whole milk ()- 100 g001060.3
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