Shakeology diet review

Shakeology diet review

To skip or to replace?

Trying to lose weight many people resort to skipping 1-2 meals a day hoping this will help them to achieve the desired goal. But this approach is heavily criticized by nutritionists stating that skipping meals mostly lead to metabolic disorders than to weight loss. In fact, your body needs energy, «building material», vitamins and other micronutrients which come with food. Skipping meals you don’t so much make the body to burn excess fat as force it to activate «emergency» mechanisms against the deficit of necessary nutritional substances. In fact, there is a way to supply the body with the required amount of nutrients avoiding both eating and starving as well as getting much of calories. We are talking about Shakeology diet, which offers nutritional shakes as replacement of traditional meals.

About protein shakes

In fact, Shakeology is a kind of protein shakes which have gained popularity among bodybuilders and people working on fitness or trying to lose weight. Such shakes are usually based on casein, whey protein or mixtures of several kinds of protein and sold in a form of ready-to-use beverage or powder for making shakes. Many of protein shakes are additionally enriched with nutritional substances, for example calcium and vitamins. Since such a shake is rich in protein, it perfectly stills hunger and can replace one meal harmlessly. It is important that each serving of the shake contains enough protein to meet the body need for this «construction material», but at the same time it is low in calories. This means a person will not gain weight even having protein shakes several times a day. On the contrary, replacing meals and reducing calorie consumption in general protein shakes contribute to weight loss. They are particularly effective in combination with physical activity since proteins are the basic building material for muscles.

Why Shakeology differs

By no means all protein shakes are enriched with nutrients and they are not in the least equally useful. Shakeology is a balanced mixture of whey protein and antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, phytonutrients, prebiotics and probiotics - more than 70 precious nutrients are included in Shakeology shakes. Prebiotics and probiotics support microflora gastrointestinal tract improving functioning of immune and digestive systems. Antioxidants help to stop aging process and prevent the development of various diseases. Vitamins and minerals within the complex provide complete diet of micronutrients. Thus, Shakeology supplies body with all the necessary substances fully replacing traditional food. And one serving of shake numbers only 140 calories which is less than caloric value of 100 g of chicken meat.

While some protein shakes can be harmful because of containing artificial ingredients like sugar, fats, cholesterol and sodium, Shakeology components are 100% natural giving these meal replacement shakes obvious advantages. Shakeology doesn’t comprise gluten and caffeine, refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. Its glycemic index is only 24 which is very low, meaning it does not increase the blood sugar level.

Shakeology shakes are represented in different flavors and several of their formulas are addressed specially to vegans. Besides, there is a wide verity of recipes allowing to add some ingredients (bananas, berries, peanut butter, spices, etc.) to shakes in order to customize their taste and to make menu more varied.

Does it really help? Quite a lot of reviews testify that Shakeology diet helped to get rid of hunger, avoid snacks, get more energy, lose weight and normalize digestion. But you should keep in mind that this meal replacement diet doesn’t provide fat burning effect though reduces calories consumption in general.

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