7 Most Interesting Christmas Cocktails You Have To Try

7 Most Interesting Christmas Cocktails You Have To Try

What is more important on the Christmas table - food or drinks - is a matter of discussion. You will always need at least a few glasses of wine for your guests to spark up a conversation. And we would recommend you to prepare a few Christmas cocktails to complement your delicious food. There is a wide range of drinks for Christmas, both alcohol and non-alcohol that will suit anyone’s taste. Here are some of our favorite drinks that you could treat your guests with at the Christmas party.

Christmas Pomegranate Punch

Punch has been known in Europe since the 17th century, that time when people started to switch from pure spirits to cocktails. Punch is a combination of alcohol, juice, water, lemon, sugar, and spices that is traditional for any party or holiday table. There are dozens of recipes of punch; you can add any kind of juice to make it different. We would recommend you to try pomegranate punch with cranberry juice – this mix helps to create a perfect Christmas spirit. You can either make this cocktail with alcohol or not, depends on your party. Prepare two bowls of alcohol and non-alcohol Christmas punch to satisfy all of your guests. You can also add a cinnamon stick into your punch for even more of the Christmas spirit.
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Spiced Chocolate Eggnog Punch

Eggnog is a typical holiday drink in Europe and the US. It has been over the Christmas tables for almost a century, so some people got tired of it. You can try to breathe a new life into this cocktail with some Mexican spices and a bar of bitter chocolate. Nothing should come over your Christmas table without a cinnamon stick and some orange zest. Make sure your guests can drink milk products, as this cocktail contains a lot of it.
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Old-Fashioned Swedish Glogg

Mulled wine, gluhwein, glogg – this drink goes under different names in different countries. It’s hard to trace how old this drink may be, as hot and spiced wine was popular in Europe at least from the time of the Roman conquests. There are not many differences among the recipes of mulled wine or glogg. Its taste depends mostly on the spices you add to it and the type of wine you make this drink from. In Scandinavia they tend to pour a bit of brandy or vodka into glogg to make it stronger. If you go for this recipe, prepare your guests that this drink might hit them hard, before they even realize it. As to the spices in this recipe, they are quite common: cardamom, cinnamon, clove, orange zest, almonds and some raisins. Drink glogg after the dinner. Wrap up in the blankets, light up some candles and go on with your stories with a glass of glogg in your hands. Scandinavians call such moments hygge.
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Christmas Rudolph-Tini

This is a nice and basic cocktail made by mixing vodka, hazelnut liqueur, coconut rum and single cream with a cinnamon stick in it. Rudolph-tini will suit the ladies at your party most, and it will give them a kick. It is sweet, tasty and liquorish, so it will leave your guests impressed and calling for more rounds! Why is it called Rudolph-tini? Be creative, two cinnamon sticks and a cherry in the glass perfectly represent the antlers and the nose of the Santa’s Rudolph reindeer. You can prepare the cocktail with different kinds of alcohol, but be sure to send us a review because we choose to stick to our traditional Rudolph-tini Christmas recipe.
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Mimosa is a champagne-based cocktail, so it will certainly become a welcome guest on your Christmas table. The traditional recipe includes the equal parts of sparkling wine and citrus juice. Most people make it with orange juice, but try something different for a change, like grapefruit. Invented in 1925 in the Hotel Ritz in Paris, mimosa has become a symbol of fanciness. Once you arrive to a high-style party, you are offered a champagne flute full of first-class mimosa. Treat your guests the same way once they enter your apartment, it will set the spirit of the party and your friends will definitely be satisfied. And right, stirred not shaken is the way to serve this cocktail.
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Colonial Hot Buttered Rum

Hot alcoholic beverages have probably emerged as soon as alcohol was invented. Our ancestors used to warm themselves up in dreary winter months with a cup of hot rum. Soon they tried to put some butter in this drink and spice it up, and the result has become popular up until these days. Stemming from New England, Colonial Hot Buttered Rum is a perfect hot drink to treat your guests with at a Christmas party. This cocktail is so smooth that your guests will imagine eating a cinnamon roll while drinking it. And then it will hit them.
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Christmas Cosmopolitan

What comes up in your mind when you hear the word Cosmopolitan? For us, it’s strongly associated with Sex & the City series where this cocktail featured more often than some of the actors. Traditionally made of vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice, this drink is always light and refreshing. But for Christmas you are always looking for something special, right? Try to substitute triple sec with the same amount of ginger wine in this cocktail to get that special Christmas taste for your Cosmopolitan. Decorate it with a clove, and your light Christmas cocktail is ready. It will suit both as a welcome and after-party drink.
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Christmas cocktails are a special category of drinks. Just as the Christmas dishes, they must not only get your guests full, they also need to bring this special feeling of the coming holidays and give you warmth. Actually, any cocktail can become Christmas-themed if you serve it right and add a cinnamon stick, some orange zest and clove into it. So enjoy your Christmas with our cocktails and do not forget to drink responsibly.

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