2017 risotto Recipes

  • Risotto Rice
    risotto rice, wild rice, olive oil and
    6 More
    risotto rice, wild rice, olive oil, onions, peeled and diced, fennel bulb, trimmed, finely sliced and cored, rice milk, baby corn, tomatoes, halved, fresh basil, chopped
    55 min, 9 ingredients
  • Risotto Ala Milanese
    risotto milanese and
    10 More
    risotto milanese, a successful risotto can only be made using a particular type of italian rice. the rice must be able to absorb lots of liquid to give it that creamy texture while still delivering an al dente firmness to the bite. the three types of rice italians favor for risotto are arborio, vilano nano, and carnaroli., olive oil, butter, onion chopped fine, saffron threads, arborio rice, white wine, chicken broth, freshly grated parmagiano-reggiano cheese
    35 min, 11 ingredients
  • Risotto
    water, vegetarian chicken soup mix, butter and
    6 More
    water, vegetarian chicken soup mix, butter, onion, finely minced, stalk celery, minced, risotto rice, dry white wine, parmesan cheese, grated, frozen peas
    35 min, 9 ingredients
  • Risotto Cakes (Sandra Lee)
    leftover risotto from roasted garlic and mushroom risotto... and
    6 More
    leftover risotto from roasted garlic and mushroom risotto recipe, eggs, frozen corn, thawed, fresh bread crumbs, grated parmesan, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, canola oil
    18 min, 7 ingredients
  • Risotto Bianco
    butter, olive oil, onion, finely chopped, risotto rice and
    3 More
    butter, olive oil, onion, finely chopped, risotto rice, dry white wine, hot vegetable stock, parmesan cheese or 25 g castelli cheese, shaved
    1 hour 5 min, 7 ingredients
  • Risotto Bianco
    chicken stock, olive oil, butter, onion, finely chopped and
    8 More
    chicken stock, olive oil, butter, onion, finely chopped, garlic cloves, finely chopped, head celery, finely chopped, risotto rice, dry white wine or 2 cups vermouth, sea salt, black pepper, freshly ground, butter, parmesan cheese, finely grated
    55 min, 12 ingredients
  • Porcini Risotto
    risotto rice (carnaroli, arborio, ...) and
    10 More
    risotto rice (carnaroli, arborio, ...), dried porcini mushrooms, white wine (or prosecco), vegetable broth (simmering), shallots, chopped, garlic cloves, minced, parmesan cheese, grated (or pecorino romano), butter, olive oil, parsley, chopped (or 1tb sage, or thyme), salt and pepper
    50 min, 11 ingredients
  • Risotto Primavera
    sliced fresh mushrooms, diced carrot, chopped onion and
    10 More
    sliced fresh mushrooms, diced carrot, chopped onion, garlic, minced, olive oil, arborio rice or 1 cup risotto rice, water, herb-ox chicken bouillon granule, cooking sherry or 1/2 cup white wine, shredded fontina cheese, grated parmesan cheese, chopped fresh parsley, for garnish, diced fresh tomato, for garnish
    50 min, 13 ingredients
  • Asparagus Risotto
    risotto rice, sea salt, asparagus, onion, garlic, butter and
    4 More
    risotto rice, sea salt, asparagus, onion, garlic, butter, white wine (dry ), chicken or vegetable stock, parmesan cheese (or pecorino), olive oil
    40 min, 10 ingredients
  • Risotto With Sausage And Cranberry Beans Risotto With Sausage And Cranberry Beans
    risotto with sausage and cranberry beans and
    16 More
    risotto with sausage and cranberry beans, make risotto , you absolutely must use a specific type of rice called arborio rice (carnaroli and vialone nano are also used, some say superior, but are more difficult to find). these types of rice release starch when stirred in a liquid; it is this process which makes risotto, otherwise you just have a starchy mess of mush. these types of rice are identified by their fat round grains and pearly appearance. they can be used to make other sorts of rice dishes, such as pilaf, but other types of rice cannot be used for risotto. arborio is no longer that much of a specialty product; it can be found in most large, well-stocked grocery stores in the italian section. or sometimes, misguidedly, in the asian section., okay , so now we have the rice. you will also need some good, low-salt stock or broth - it should be low-salt not for health reasons, but because a good deal of it will evaporate, leaving its salt behind, and i like to have more control over the salt in a dish. it can be homemade, but i m not going to be a snob about it because, in truth, we go through gallons of store-bought stock in this household and i don tsp see that changing anytime soon. furthermore, risotto is actually a dish which can be whipped up out of thin air when it seems as though you have nothing to eat, as long as you have butter, rice, stock, maybe a few herbs, and some leftover parmesan. i like the kind of stock purchased in tetrapak cartons, because they are resealable and can be put in the fridge and used as needed. if you really want to use homemade but you don tsp have time to make stock or don tsp like the aroma of roasting bones in your house (i don tsp blame you), you can buy really great stock at north market poultry and game - it is expensive, but can be diluted with a 2- or 3-to-1 ratio of water to stock, so it stretches. my general guideline is to plan on 1/4 cup dry rice per person, and about 4 cups of stock to 1 cup of rice. of course, this isn tsp exact and will vary depending on your elevation and the phases of the moon, but it s a good place to start. i usually just use 4 cups of stock and then dilute with water or wine (or sometimes beer, if that s all i have) if i feel i m going to run out., well, we have rice and stock covered, now we just need our setup: place the stock in a saucepan on your rear burner, bring to a simmer, and leave it there with a 6-8 oz ladle in, and place a large, wide saute pan (must be really large, plan that your rice will at least quadruple in size) or dutch oven on the burner in front. get out your favorite wooden spoon and flex your stirring arm., nice thing about using sausage is it s so full of flavor you can leave out the usual onion/garlic/shallot/celery nonsense if you re tired and don tsp feel like chopping. furthermore, sausage goes from the freezer to the pan without suffering too much. okay, let s go, risotto with sausage and cranberry beans - serves 4, links italian sausage , or 1 lb bulk (or hot, or a combination - definitely with some fennel), casings removed, cooked cranberry beans or 1 can white beans, drained, arborio rice, beef , chicken or vegetable stock, butter, freshly, finely grated parmesan cheese , plus more for garnish, an oz) flat-leaf parsley, chopped finely, lemon juice , or juice from 1/2 lemon, salt and black pepper to taste, red pepper flakes to taste, optional, good balsamic vinegar , optional
    1 hour , 17 ingredients
  • Risotto Tuna Salad Risotto Tuna Salad
    risotto pasta (cook as directed on box) and
    15 More
    risotto pasta (cook as directed on box), tuna fish (drained ), mayo, favorite balsamic vinegarette dressing, cucumber peeled and chopped, chopped carrots, chopped celery, chopped green onion, rinsed garbanzo beans, fresh ground pepper and salt to taste., prepare pasta, rinse pasta and beans, in a separate bowl, mix tuna , mayo, dressing, salt, pepper, and chopped veggies., stir in pasta and beans., refrigerate for 1 hour before serving.
    8 min, 16 ingredients
  • Risotto Risotto
    most of my recipes are open to fit your tastes and i usua... and
    15 More
    most of my recipes are open to fit your tastes and i usually add some options to make the recipe more to what you like., risotto is a very nice dish than can be use as a complete meal or a side dish. the preparation for risotto requires more simmering than boiling and 1 must be gentle in the cooking process., rice (use what kind you like)( i have made this with several kinds of ), olive oil (and/or butter), chopped onion, rice per person if it is a main dish or 2 oz per person if it is a side dish., canned or homemade chicken broth, white wine ( a good your favorite), saffron ( pinch), parmesan cheese (use your tastes on this ), chopped spinach, chopped porcine mushrooms, chopped asparagus, other vegetables to your taste, i have also used orzo to make a version of this., when buying rice to make a risotto, choose short-grained round or semi-round rice; among the best rices for making risotto are arborio, vialone nano, and carnaroli. other short-grained rices such as originario will also work. long grained rice such as patna won tsp do, because the grains will stay separate. nor should you use minute rice -- it won tsp absorb the condiments, and again the grains will remain separate.
    15 min, 16 ingredients
  • Risotto Risotto
    prepared risotto and
    2 More
    prepared risotto, slivers of cooked poultry , pork, beef, or lamb, shredded parmesan or fontina cheese
    3 ingredients
  • Risotto Al Cioccolato (Chocolate Risotto) Risotto Al Cioccolato (Chocolate Risotto)
    unsalted butter and
    10 More
    unsalted butter, risotto rice , unrinsed (arborio or vialone nano are good choices), vanilla bean, split, rum, water, whole milk, heavy cream, granulated sugar, orange zest, grated, lemon zest, grated, good-quality dark chocolate, chopped
    25 min, 11 ingredients
  • Green Ivy Risotto Green Ivy Risotto
    risotto rice, spinach, fresh, fresh parsley and
    10 More
    risotto rice, spinach, fresh, fresh parsley, fresh basil, fresh and chopped, fresh mint, fresh and chopped, onion, chopped finely, garlic clove, extra virgin olive oil, butter, gorgonzola, grated parmesan cheese, vegetable broth, salt and pepper
    40 min, 13 ingredients
  • Very Basic Risotto Very Basic Risotto
    risotto rice (we use arborio) and
    6 More
    risotto rice (we use arborio), hot chicken or vegetable stock, onion, chopped, olive oil, black pepper, grated parmesan cheese to taste, fresh crusty bread to serve
    7 ingredients
  • Rum Coconut Risotto Rum Coconut Risotto
    risotto rice, butter (melted ), rum (dark ), sugar and
    7 More
    risotto rice, butter (melted ), rum (dark ), sugar, coconut milk, heavy cream, water, vanilla, coconut (shredded ), cream, pecans (candied)
    30 min, 11 ingredients

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