5 potato chip dip flavors Recipes

  • Crab Cakes With Aioli Dipping Sauce
    lump crabmeat , shells picked out and
    14 More
    lump crabmeat , shells picked out, crushed green onion flavor potato chips (i use mikesell s brand), real mayonnaise (do not substitute), old bay seasoning, white pepper, worchestershire sauce, dry mustard, unsalted butter (for frying, approx . 2-4 tbsp), lemon, cut in half (other half is for the dipping sauce), fresh garlic clove, real mayonnaise, horseradish mustard (i use grey poupon ), chili powder, lemon juice, kosher salt (optional)
    18 min, 15 ingredients
  • Crudites and Dips
    sour cream, scallions, finely chopped, lemon juice and
    33 More
    sour cream, scallions, finely chopped, lemon juice, ripe avocados, cut in half and chopped, mayonnaise, chopped fresh cilantro leaves, sour cream, organic chickpeas, drained, juice of 1 lemon, light tahini paste, light olive oil, plus extra for drizzling, garlic clove, peeled and crushed, boiling water, sea salt , to taste, very ripe tomatoes, scallion, finely chopped, garlic clove, peeled and crushed (optional), extra virgin olive oil, chopped fresh basil leaves, tomato ketchup, a little ground black pepper , to taste, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, red bell pepper sticks, celery sticks, tomatoes, blanched sugar snap peas or asparagus (cover with boiling water for 2 minutes, then drain under cold running water), radishes, breadsticks , small or large, tortilla chips ( cool flavor or the blue corn variety), beet , carrot, and parsnip vegetable chips, oat crackers or mini rice cakes, toasted pita bread sliced into strips, bagel chips (slice 2 organic bagels widthwise into 4 thin slices. brush with olive oil, and then bake at 150of for 10 minutes. break into pieces), tortilla chips (cut 1 large tortilla into 8 slices. place on a baking sheet and cook at 350of for 10 minutes.), sweet potato wedges (peel and cut 2 lbs sweet potatoes into wedges. place them in a roasting pan, toss in a tbsp of olive oil, and sprinkle with a tsp of paprika. cook for 35-40 minutes at 400of, turning a few times. these are great with the sour cream dip.)
    36 ingredients
  • Four Cheese Corn Dip
    idahoan four cheese flavored mashed potatoes and
    5 More
    idahoan four cheese flavored mashed potatoes, prepared chicken gravy, whole kernel corn, drained, shredded cheddar cheese , reserving half for the topping, paprika, tortilla chips
    6 ingredients
  • Lemon-Garlic Chick Pea Dip with Veggies and Chips (Rachael Ray) Lemon-Garlic Chick Pea Dip with Veggies and Chips (Rachael Ray)
    garlic, cracked from skin, lemon , zested and juiced and
    9 More
    garlic, cracked from skin, lemon , zested and juiced, fresh thyme leaves, stripped from stems, coarse salt and pepper, a few drops hot sauce , to taste, extra-virgin olive oil eyeball it, ribs celery from the heart cut into dipping sticks, 4 inches long, seedless cucumber, cut into sticks, red bell pepper, trimmed and cut into sticks, grape tomatoes, sack reduced fat gourmet chips (recommended : terra brand garlic and onion yukon gold flavor potato chips (50 percent less fat than regular chips))
    5 min, 12 ingredients

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