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Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cook Time: 0 Minutes
Ready In: 5 Minutes
Servings: 1
On a recent trip to the U.S., my brothers introduced me to a drink concoction called a Chamango. I was hooked after the first drink and had at least four during my week's stay. A chamango is kind of like a hawaiian ice made with mangos, tamarind candy, and chamoy (see my Chamoy). Chunks of mango are layered with mango ice and chamoy, then topped with small chunks of tamarind candy. OMG - so incredibly good!!! NOTE: Just tried this with a bit of raspberry coulis that I had left in the fridge and YUM! It was a wonderful substitution for the Chamoy. I'll bet you could use any number of combinations of fruit ice and fruit pulp for the layers. Strawberry with banana ice sounds like the next try!
2 cups mangoes, 1/2 inch dice, divided use
1/2 cup ice cube
apricot, chili sauce see my chamoy (chamoy)
tamarind candy, diced (pulparinda brand)
1. Set aside 1/2 cup mango. Place remaining mango in a blender jar with the ice and a bit of sugar if the mango is not very sweet.
2. Process until it is smooth, but not so long that it melts.
3. In a tall glass, place enough bits of mango to cover the bottom of the glass, then add a few teaspoons or more of chamoy, enough to make a distinctive red layer. Next, pour a few inches of mango ice, depending on how tall the glass is, to about halfway.
4. On top of that, make another layer of diced mango, then more chamoy. Top with more mango ice, almost to the top of the glass.
5. Add a final layer of chamoy. Add a few pieces of diced mango, then sprinkle some chunks of tamarind candy on top.
6. Serve immediately with a fat straw and a spoon.