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Bow Fold -- Serviette/Napkin Folding
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Prep Time: 2 Minutes
Cook Time: 0 Minutes
Ready In: 2 Minutes
Servings: 1
The bow fold is very easy and nice way to dress up a casual table. It is very pretty with plain or patterned cloth napkins. If using a napkin with patterns use a plain napkin ring for best results! Step by Step Photos are included. Happy Folding!
1 cloth, serviette (large)
1 cloth, napkin ring (any type napkin ring will work)
1. Place napkin on table with on of the corners facing you.
2. Fold top and bottom corners of the napkin to the center.
3. Fold up from the bottom so that the napkin is in half.
4. Fold up from the bottom again, so that the napkin is in half again.
5. Bring each end to the other side so that it resembles a bow.
6. Put the napkin ring onto on of the ends of the napkin.
7. Pull the folded part through the ring with the end.
8. Adjust.