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The favorite choice for the term "South Asian Food" is 100 g milk, indian buffalo, fluid which has about , 6.89 g total fat, 5.18 g total carbs, 3.75 g protein, 97 calories. Calorie and nutritional information for a variety of types and serving sizes of South Asian Food is shown below.

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 Total Fat(g)Total Carbs(g)Protein(g)Calories
 100 g6.95.23.897
 1 cup16.812.69.2236.7
 1 quart67.250.636.6946.7
 1 tsp0.
 1 tbsp1.10.80.614.8
 1 cubic inch1.20.90.616.4
 1 ml0.10.101
 1 fl oz2.
 1 pint33.625.318.3473.3
 1 litre71.153.438.71000.3
 1 gallon268.9202.2146.43786.3
 1 oz21.51.127.5
 1 lb31.223.517439.9
 1 kg68.951.837.5970
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Other Popular Types of South Asian Food

 Total Fat(g)Total Carbs(g)Protein(g)Calories
 squash, indian, (navajo) ()- 100 g0.25.60.526
 squash, indian, cooked, boiled (navajo) ()- 100 g0.23.20.316
 acerola, (west indian cherry) ()- 100 g0.37.70.432
 corn, dried, yellow (northern plains indians) ()- 100 g10.666.314.5419
 plums, wild (northern plains indians) ()- 100 g0.2220.491
 plains pricklypear, (northern plains indians) ()- 100 g0.110.20.142
 plains pricklypear, broiled (northern plains indians) ()- 100 g0.321.60.491
 lambsquarters, (northern plains indians) ()- 100 g0.374.247
 lambsquarters, steamed (northern plains indians) ()- 100 g0.27.54.148
 chokecherries, pitted (northern plains indians) ()- 100 g1.733.63162
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Common suggestions for South Asian Food

 Total Fat(g)Total Carbs(g)Protein(g)Calories
 Afghani Food - 1 tbsp02010
 Pakistani Food - 2 tbsp14125
 Indian Food - 100 g11.928.88.5254.2

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